February 15, 2023

Where is Gold Going In 2023 and How to Promote Gold as an Affiliate?

How to promote gold in 2023

2023 shows all the signs of being a great year to make money as a broker affiliate, but with challenging market conditions, affiliates need to identify the most profitable trading trends.

Many newcomers to the lucrative affiliate marketing world ask what type of trading and what assets they should promote to drive high-value traffic. The simple answer is all of them – it’s just a question of timing and focus.

That said, one particular asset is expected to be in the news a lot in 2023 and has previously been a potent marketing tool for affiliates. The asset in question is Gold; it’s our best-known precious metal and is one of the world’s most traded commodities. When the markets get tough, smart traders switch to Gold!

Read on to find out why the commodity gold is likely to be a marketing priority in 2023 and how to promote gold it effectively as an affiliate.

Gold as an Asset – Everything Affiliates Need to Know

Gold is a commodity that is traded on the world’s financial markets. Almost every nation maintains its gold reserves as a form of financial security. Gold reserves are bars of gold bullion stacked in secure vaults like the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. Many countries still issue gold bullion coins as legal tender, e.g. South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leaf’s, and the British Sovereign.

Gold is widely used in the jewelry industry and in manufacturing electrical connectors in computers, cell phones, and other devices. Gold is traded continually, and its value is subject to the usual principles of supply and demand.

Where Gold differs from (most) other assets is the role of governments and national banks in the international gold markets. For example, between 1999 and 2002, the British government sold 395 tones of Gold, or approximately half of its reserves. The controversial sale caused a period of considerable instability in the markets.

Gold (and gold-based ETFs) have traditionally been used as a hedge against inflation by financial institutions and individual traders and investors. The market opinion is that Gold is more likely to retain its value than national currencies, whose purchasing power is weakened by inflationary pressures. It’s often possible to gauge market reaction to any bad news by evaluating related rises in gold prices.

Where is Gold Going in 2023?

Any prediction about how markets and assets will perform in the future is ultimately speculation. Even unexpected geopolitical or financial events can overturn the most informed, analysis-based assessments in a few hours. Nonetheless, most trading and investment decisions – and government financial policies – are based on economic calculations and expert predictions. Gold has been traded for thousands of years, and skilled commodity traders continue to make a living by anticipating its performance.

At the beginning of 2023, Gold experienced a bull market closing on the first day of trading at a high of $1,950. Many traders predict Gold will cross the psychologically important $2,000 line as the rally continues before the summer.

Gold may surge again if concerns about global recession, an escalation of the war in Ukraine, and unchecked inflation are vindicated. To put current prices in perspective, it’s worth looking at the historical highs and lows. The 1970 figure is adjusted for inflation.

  • Gold Record High: $2,074.88 August 2020
  • Gold Record Low: $275.41 October 1970

Whatever happens, it’s a reasonably safe assumption that Gold will be in the news regularly in 2023. The level of publicity – rather than the actual performance – is the key to successful affiliate marketing. As long as an asset has a high public profile, broker affiliates can quickly build marketing campaigns around it.

How to Promote Gold in Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

AvaTrade currently offers CFD trading on five precious metals: Gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and copper. Interestingly, they also offer traders a specialist gold-based ETF or exchange-traded fund. The fund is Market Vectors TR Gold Miners and is traded on the NYSE Arca (it includes a basket of global gold mining companies listed on the index). The ETF is available on the MT4 and MT5 platforms under the ticker GDX.

  • CFD (contract for difference) – a type of trade that allows online traders to potentially profit from changes in asset prices. When you open a CFD trade, you don’t buy the asset; you are speculating on its market performance.
  • CFD trading is popular due to its convenience, transparency, and limited liability. Online traders can open Gold CFDs at AvaTrade with 400:1 leverage and will never be required to buy an ounce of gold bullion.
  • ETF (exchange-traded fund) is a type of asset comparable to stocks. An ETF is a basket of similar assets (usually from a specific financial sector).
  • The value of an ETF is calculated according to the combined performance of all its constituents. An advantage of ETFs is that if one or two companies in the fund crash in value, the performance of the others can maintain the value of the ETF.

When you promote Gold in your affiliate marketing campaigns, you can choose to promote Gold as a precious metal or the GDX fund as an ETF. Most broker affiliates overlook ETFs, leaving a profitable niche for anybody who can build a campaign around the gold miners’ fund.

A significant advantage of promoting a gold-based ETF is that it gives you a much wider audience. It’s an excellent subject for guest posts and articles and can connect you to high-value leads that might previously have been out of your reach. You can also quickly generate unique SEO content around assets like GDX and improve your SERPs.

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Promote Gold on Social Media

One of the major advantages for broker affiliates who want to launch visually oriented social media marketing campaigns is the power of Gold as a universal symbol. Every culture associates Gold with wealth, luxury, prosperity, and security.

Gold coins, gold bars, bullion, and gold medals are all superb images for social media posts and creatives. Few other assets have the same power to grab peoples’ interest and attention.

The popularity of Gold and its power to fascinate us makes it a very high-converting asset. You can use gold-themed social media campaigns to connect to people who are not usually interested in online trading. If they’re attracted to posts about Gold, they either have disposable income – or want to make money to buy luxury goods.

If Gold pushes close to the $2,000 line, you can post all kinds of social media creatives that hype its performance. A question as simple as “Who profits if gold crosses the $2,000 line?” can stimulate a lot of debate and generate enough interest to get clicks on your affiliate links.

If a famous investor or celebrity makes a statement about Gold or wears super-expensive gold jewelry – build a creative around it. Stay within the marketing guidelines for each social media platform (and broker regulation) and adjust your message to your audience.

Learn to gauge your mood on social media and get your links out there. You can use incentives like free gold trading tutorials as a ‘force multiplier’ when you design creatives. Another powerful affiliate marketing technique is to exploit bad news to drive traffic. If the stock market crashes, a financial scandal hits cryptos, or recession looms, shift your focus to Gold and ask whether gold prices are about to rally. Your goal is to tap into the financial zeitgeist and go viral.

Promote Gold on Your Websites

You have a couple of goals when you create content for your affiliate websites. The first – and most obvious – is to persuade site visitors to click on your unique affiliate links and become online traders. Basic financial educational articles, trading tutorials, a widget showing gold prices, and news-style articles about gold trading are all highly effective for converting site traffic.

Another great marketing strategy is to invite site users to sign up for alerts or bulletins about changes to gold prices or new trading opportunities. It can overcome the ‘newsletter fatigue’ obstacle to obtaining lead email addresses or contact details. Promise not to spam your sign-ups and use your new connections wisely. Target them with tailored offers when you think the market conditions are favorable.

However, you must focus on organic SEO if you want a high site traffic volume. This means that you must regularly publish good quality content optimized for SEO. Articles about gold prices, trading, and trader sentiment can have superb SEO value.

Whatever assets you focus on promoting in 2023, you need to work with an expert partner program with the practical experience and resources to make your affiliate work stress-free and profitable. AvaPartner sets the gold standard for partner programs and has already paid out over a quarter of a billion dollars in commissions. Talk to us now about your commission plan.

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