September 13, 2021

11 FREE Marketing Tools to Help Forex Affiliates Succeed!

The key to success for every forex affiliate is to implement the right marketing strategies and create as much traffic as possible in order to obtain a high referral rate which then translates into high forex affiliate commissions. There is no doubt that there are certain marketing tools that can make forex affiliates marketing efforts so much easier and more effective.

So read on because we have uncovered 11 great FREE Marketing tools to help every forex affiliate succeed!

What kind of marketing tools are these?

Well, how would you like to make beautiful and engaging videos for FREE? Manage your social media accounts for FREE? How about saving tons of money on expensive SEO tools – and getting them instead for FREE? Our team here at AvaPartner have found all the best FREE marketing tools to help you skyrocket your Forex affiliate income and earn the highest commissions.

Now that you’ve read our latest blog posts, “Secret Tips for Achieving Higher  Forex Affiliate Earnings Part 1 and Part 2″ – in which our team shared some great SEO, marketing strategies and secret tips – it’s now time to discover the best FREE online marketing TOOLS to help boost your Forex affiliate marketing efforts. With these advanced tools, you can create endless videos and manage all your social media channels – all for FREE! While these tools come with paid options (for those who want to enjoy even more benefits that come along with paid accounts), they also offer a FREE plan so you can accomplish a LOT without spending a dime!

Moreover, these tools will not only save you thousands of dollars but will also allow Forex affiliate marketers like you to jumpstart your online affiliate business – or leverage and scale your current business and all your hard marketing work so you can achieve even higher earnings in the Forex affiliate world!

So let’s get down to it. Here are 11 super – and FREE – marketing tools to help Forex affiliate marketers succeed!

1. The Free Video Tool CANVA– Create professional videos without watermarks

Did you know? A 2019 report (Wyzowl) revealed that 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. These staggering statistics will show you why:

  • Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of the SERPS Search Engine Result Pages.
  • 46% of users act after viewing an ad.
  • An initial email with a video increases click-through by 96%.

Videos should always be part of your marketing plan even if it’s to help you repurpose content and expand reach (e.g., turning your blog post into a video to be published on YouTube). Now, you can also use videos to achieve the highest ROI via this first top tool that’ll help you create videos for FREE – Canva!

Unlike all the other video marketing tools online that cost hundreds of dollars to use, Canva has a FREE version that lets you:

  • Create stunning and engaging videos – with no watermarks added to your videos and without having to deal with complicated instructions
  • Produce professional-looking videos for all your social media campaigns – no design skills needed, no software to download. Just pick a video template, then customize it to your Forex affiliate needs
  • You can make or download as many videos as you want

2. The best FREE design tool CANVA – Design everything you need!

Yes, Canva again! They are amazing, and we love them for all their great FREE tools. You can beautifully design almost anything you need – whether Facebook or Instagram posts, blog post images, LinkedIn banners, YouTube thumbnails, and so much more – both professionally and quickly by using this free Canva tool.

3.– a FREE tool for managing social media– Manage and schedule social media & listen to your audience

What if we told you that you can actually monitor the entire web and listen to what everyone is saying!!! Well, with, which has a FREE plan, you can not only monitor keyword mentions online, but you can also manage your social media accounts – all for FREE. Don’t waste another moment figuring out the amazing benefits this tool offers you. Instead, head on to and see the tremendous power this tool has to boost all your marketing efforts and handle all your social media campaign management!

4. Ubersuggest– Get professional SEO help with the best content marketing insights!

One of our favorite tools is Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. We have mentioned Neil Patel before in our previous blog posts as a marketing guru with great videos that can really help all your marketing efforts. Neil’s Ubersuggest is absolutely incredible!

There is so much you can do with his FREE tool version, such as getting the best content ideas for your marketing campaigns. Create content on topics that your buyer personas/target audience will want to read about – resulting in increased traffic and better rankings on the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages)!

This FREE tool also shows the search volume, CPC and difficulty of every keyword searched in Google.

5. This FREE SEO Toolbar: Ahrefs SEO toolbar

Once you add this tool to your Google chrome browser, you will not be able to live without it.

This FREE tool gives you instant SEO metrics for any web pages and Google searches you make

Do you want to see how much traffic a certain web page gets each month, how many keywords it ranks for, or how many backlinks it has?

This FREE tool also shows the search volume, CPC and difficulty of every keyword searched in Google. Unbelievable right?

Read on to have other fantastic SEO FREE tools that will help your forex affiliate marketing!

6. Can’t do without this fabulous Google FREE tool- Google Alerts

This one is amazing, thank you Google! With Google Alerts, you can monitor the entire web for new content featuring the keywords alerts you make. It’s so easy to do that you can even create up to 1,000 alerts, and these come straight to your mailbox! Amazing, isn’t it! All for FREE! Imagine being able to be on top of your game and your competitors – all the time – by simply knowing when your keywords are being used by Google!

7. SEO Web Page Analyzer– Analyze your web pages and improve them for FREE!

Get a full-on page analysis of your website. This FREE tool examines the content and structure of your web page, and evaluates content quality from the perspectives of accessibility, usability, and search engine optimization.

8. SEO Site Checkup– Audit your website for on-page and technical SEO issues for FREE

Site Checkup runs through a fast audit of your site, checking for errors and things that should be fixed in order to rank higher. This tool also offers scores and suggestions on how to fix SEO errors.

9. Yoast SEO– Get search engine optimization suggestions for your blog posts for FREE

Enter the main keyword for your blog post and Yoast SEO will suggest how to tweak your blog post to optimize it for search engines. There is a FREE version and paid plan, and we definitely think that the FREE plan is also very beneficial, so we listed it here.

10. HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM – Boost your lead generation capabilities for FREE

HubSpot’s Marketing tool allows marketers to easily generate email leads from their website with a free pop up tool. It provides a lot of great information about your leads – quickly gathering email addresses from your website and providing key data points like company/employer and which pages your leads have visited. And if you’re wondering which pages are converting at higher rates than others, it can help with that, too.

11. Last by not least is AvaPartner’s Marketing Tools -you’ll find beautifully designed landing pages (FREE)!

You can improve your conversions and target your buyer personas with these engaging and high converting landing pages which our expert team has created for you! Not only will you see the difference in your conversion rates but your forex affiliate commissions will skyrocket! Don’t wait another moment, sign up to AvaPartner’s affiliate program it’s FREE and takes only a minute to sign up.