January 31, 2022

Top 8 Success-Boosting Solutions for the Introducing Broker

A win-win alliance between an online broker and an Introducing Broker (IB) can be an extremely lucrative partnership. IBs help online brokers expand their customer base by referring clients to the brokers, and in turn, earn commissions based on the number of clients referred and their trading activity. The benefits for both sides are obvious: For the online broker, IBs serve to increase its operation’s efficiency, reduce workload, and bring in new clients so that it can focus on its brokerage services. For the Introducing Broker, an online broker who can offer the IB’s clients an innovative and reliable platform to place trades online can result in a happy, loyal client base and a growing client list.

But it takes more than mutual benefits to boost an Introducing Broker’s business.

The importance of partnering with a reputable online broker

Introducing Brokers and online brokers have to work seamlessly to achieve trading success. The greater the trading volume, the more profitable the Introducing Broker’s business will be; and for IBs to bring more clients on board, the latter have to be happy with the broker’s customer service, confident that the brokerage serves their best interests as far as price and being offered the best trading possibilities. In addition to that, the broker needs to offer them the latest trading tools and trading platforms that help traders succeed! Most importantly though is the total peace of mind that traders and investors need, knowing their hard-earned money is safe.

The secret sauce that will meet all these requirements – is partnering with a credible and reputable broker. A highly regulated online broker – licensed by multiple authorities around the world – raises the level of confidence and trust and the likelihood that the Introducing Broker can bring more clients on board and increase his profits. A successful IB business relies on partnering with a credible and regulated online broker that can also offer you the following:

  • Help the Introducing Broker meet his short- and long-term goals by offering flexible and customizable commission plans
  • Enhance the IB’s business reputation and keep it from being damaged in the short and long term
  • Enable IBs to achieve “sky’s the limit” success by providing the necessary marketing tools, affiliate advice, and dedicated, personalized support

8 high-level business solutions for IB success

Additionally, an online broker who offers its Introducing Brokers a whole toolbox of growth- and success-generating business solutions is priceless!

These resources are customer-satisfying and profit-generating tools for IBs because of the following advantages:

Advantages for the Introducing Broker and their Clients:

1. Simplicity – MT4 MAM Account for Introducing Brokers

With the powerful MAM (Multi-Account Manager) software tool, Introducing Brokers can make it easy for their clients, by managing multiple accounts from a single interface. The software integrates seamlessly with the MetaTrader (MT4) platform, enabling Introducing Brokers and Money managers to perform bulk trades with as many client sub-accounts as they wish using just one MT4 interface. This makes the process of placing orders in bulk – using an unlimited number of accounts – simple, fast, and efficient. With MAM, the IB client’s life is so much easier, and for the IBs managing accounts, it couldn’t be more convenient.

2. Accessibility – A Wide Range of Financial Instruments

Introducing Brokers can offer their clients access to endless possibilities by letting them trade a variety of financial instruments – such as Options and CFDs instead of just trading Forex pairs. This opens the IB’s clients an entire financial world of trading because CFDs enables them to trade ETFs, Stocks, Bonds, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and more while trading Options provides a 100:1 leverage and a limited downside risk which so many traders and clients are seeking these days.

3. Convenience – Innovative Trading Platforms and Apps

Introducing Brokers can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering innovative trading platforms and apps that make their client’s trading activities so much more convenient, as well as make their clients feel more secure and protected. These include:

Introducing Broker
  • AvaTradeGO trading app– This MT4 based trading app offers trading on both fixed and floating spreads trading accounts. With a fresh and user-friendly interface, AvaTradeGO gathers trading insights from traders in real-time, provides users with live social trends on selected devices, and presents a broad vision of the markets. Key information with a clear analysis – in real-time so traders can make the right call at the right time-make it convenient to trade on the GO -anywhere and anytime!
  • AvaProtect – This one-of-a-kind risk management tool protects traders from losses. If you suffer trade losses within an agreed-upon timeframe, you can get your funds returned directly to your account.
  • AvaOptions – This unique tool puts IB clients firmly in the driver’s seat, giving them total control over their portfolio, enabling them to balance risk and reward to match their market view. With this intuitive trading platform, they can buy options to hedge risks or even sell options to generate income.

Advantages for the Introducing Broker’s Clients:

4. Training Opportunities – Video Tutorials, Trading eBooks, Online Trading Courses

This enables both beginners and advanced traders amongst your clients to improve their trading capabilities and, consequently, this will help grow your commissions. A full trading educational toolbox is a great way to “train” your clients to become comfortable trading and keep on trading for the long haul.

Advantages for the Introducing Broker:

5. Marketing Support – Materials to Support All Marketing and Promotional Needs

Introducing Brokers, you’re way ahead if your broker/partner provides you with full creative support and an abundance of marketing materials. From professionally designed banners and high-converting landing pages to smart widgets and in-depth market analysis mailers and promotions – all of which you can use across different platforms to help you promote your business and thus increase your commission.

6. Performance Monitoring – Tracking and Reporting Tools

IBs, see your commissions and your clients’ trades in real-time via a state-of-the-art performance tracking and reporting platform. This platform will enable you not only to monitor performance but also to identify areas of improvement for further increasing your commissions. Such cutting-edge technology offers real-time and vital-to-success transparency and reporting.

7. Flexibility – Customized Commission Plans

If you partner with a broker who cares about your long-term success, you will likely be offered a commission plan that can be customized to your business model, meet your short- and long-term business goals, and help you achieve maximum growth and profitability. There are a variety of commission plans that you can choose from – including CPA, Hybrid, and RevShare.

  • CPA (or Cost per Acquisition) gives you a one-time fee or commission when the trader you referred opens a trading account with the online broker, deposits funds into his trading account, and starts trading. CPA is your one-time payment for referring the new trader. Remember: To receive your commission, the trader must provide a minimum deposit and must complete his first trade.
  • RevShare (or Revenue Share) gives you as commission a percentage – that is, a percentage from “netspreads” (spreads minus bonuses) – of your broker’s revenues. These commission plans can vary – you may get a share in all the profits, losses, and sales of your qualified referrals as long as they are active.
  • Hybrid gives you a commission that’s part CPA and part RevShare – so you receive BOTH a CPA and RevShare commission for the month’s payout. This can be the perfect commission plan for you if it aligns with your business model and short- and long-term goals.

Introducing Brokers find it best to team up with AvaPartner, which knows that catering to the IB’s needs is critical to success. By providing the right solutions to accelerate the IB’s business, both AvaPartner and Introducing Brokers are reaping the benefits of this amazing partnership.

8. Branding – Build a Powerful Personal Brand

When you become an Introducing Broker, you’re establishing yourself as a financial authority. You need to connect with online traders and persuade them that you are a credible and trustworthy commentator. First impressions count, and you’ll need a powerful, dynamic, and trust-inspiring personal brand. Suppose you already know your traffic and understand their expectations. In that case, you can adjust your public persona and online voice to resonate directly with potential leads. N.B. Trust is everything when you are an Introducing Broker. Before you even attempt to convert traffic, you need to be representing a well-respected and fully regulated broker like AvaTrade. Don’t waste time with unregulated brokers. Any association with them will destroy your own image as a credible I.B.

To build a genuine personal brand as an I.B., you need more than slick presentation and professional marketing materials (although these are also essential). You need to develop an online voice that combines confidence and authority with a certain amount of humility. Take the time to engage with people directly on social media and answer their questions – even the stupid ones. Write (or pay someone to write) a blog in your name. Publish financial commentaries, guest posts, and analyses. Good content containing incentivized links will attract potential leads. You need enough online charisma to make people want to follow you. Once you have a rapport, you can build a relationship and start recommending brokers and trading strategies.

Introducing Brokers find it best to team up with AvaPartner, which knows that catering to the IB’s needs is critical to success. By providing the right solutions to accelerate the IB’s business, both AvaPartner and Introducing Brokers are reaping the benefits of this amazing partnership.


Do I need a License to make Money as an Introducing Broker?

Usually, you don’t need a license to make money as an introducing broker. You should check your country of residence’s financial laws and regulations, though. Many successful introducing brokers don’t have any formal financial qualifications or professional financial background – they’re very good at what they do. It’s entirely possible to gain practical experience as an online affiliate and make more money as an introducing broker. You can renegotiate your commission plan and earn high profits as an IB at any time. You need to gain trading experience and develop good people skills.

How Much Money Can I Make as an Introducing Broker?

Theoretically, there are no limits on how much money you can make as an introducing broker. If you’re signed up with a professional partner program like AvaPartner, they will be keen to support you and reward your efforts. An introducing broker who brings high volume traders, and maintains a close working relationship with them, could easily aim for a six-figure monthly income The key to success is openness, reliability and availability – your goal is to build a relationship that lasts for years. f your clients trust you and are happy at AvaTrade, you could earn a high passive income from their trading activity.

How do I Become an Introducing Broker?

We’d recommend that you start your career as an introducing broker by becoming an online affiliate. If you already have potential clients who need the services of an IB, talk to AvaPartner now, and they will get you started. The advantage of beginning as an online affiliate is that you’ll get an excellent grounding in online trading and earn as you learn. Your affiliate business will quickly give you the knowledge, experience and professional contacts to make more money as an introducing broker. It’s a logical progression, and many online affiliates quickly generate a lucrative second income stream as IBs.

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