November 5, 2023

Unlocking Affiliate Success: Understanding the Difference Between CFDs and Options

Difference Between CFDs and Options

If you’re currently a partner of a broker affiliate program, this blog post is a must-read!

Collaborating with a brokerage that deals with Forex pairs and offers Options trading and CFDs can propel your affiliate commissions to new heights.

Wondering how?

You can better tailor your offerings to potential traders by understanding the difference between CFDs and options.

Discover the Extraordinary: Setting Your Affiliate Business Apart

Here’s the secret: You’ll be offering something extraordinarily unique, setting you apart from the crowd. The remarkable benefits and leverage, which we’ll delve into shortly, provide traders with unparalleled advantages in the market, unlike any other financial instruments available.

In this blog post, we’ll unravel why promoting Options and CFDs is crucial for you as an affiliate partner and your valuable clients or referrals. We’ll also explore what options are and the incredible advantages they offer to traders.

Expanding Beyond Forex!

Undoubtedly, Forex affiliate partnerships are the most lucrative in the affiliate marketing realm. For adept Forex affiliate marketers, the potential to earn substantial monthly commissions from the broker partnership program is well within reach.

However, the Forex market is highly competitive, with countless affiliates promoting similar offerings.

If the brokerage you’re associated with doesn’t go beyond Forex or lacks a unique selling proposition, your job as an affiliate marketer can become quite challenging. Imagine selling a hat online when thousands of others are doing the same.

It’s time to explore new horizons, and we have exciting news for you that many affiliates may not be aware of but should start promoting immediately!

Supercharge Your Forex Affiliate Commissions!

Are you interested in earning over $10,000 per trader monthly in commissions alone? Well, some of our CFD and Forex affiliates are achieving precisely that with AvaPartner– and you can, too!

The key lies in the distinctiveness of AvaTrade!

Let us elaborate.

AvaTrade isn’t just a brokerage for trading Forex pairs; it offers a range of unique and rare financial instruments that are hard to come by, including Options trading. This, coupled with its global regulation – making it one of the most regulated brokers – innovative apps like AvaTrade app with AvaProtect, AvaOptions, and a vibrant social trading community, makes partnering with AvaTrade the best choice.

Strategic Targeting: Understanding Your Audience’s Desires

When forging a partnership with an online brokerage as an affiliate, it’s imperative to consider your target audience’s desires and needs. By diving into the difference between CFDs and options, you can offer the most suitable trading opportunities and cater to the specific needs of your clientele.

Imagine offering a 100:1 leverage, a trader’s dream! With Options trading, you can provide precisely that. What if you could grant your traders, clients, and referees the ability to trade a vast array of financial assets, from commodities and Treasuries to ETFs, ADRs, CFDs on shares, and cryptocurrencies? Offering such a diverse range of trading opportunities would set you apart as an affiliate marketer and fulfil traders’ dreams, wouldn’t it? That’s exactly what AvaTrade offers through its CFDs!

In this blog post, we’ll delve into how options work, the incredible benefits they offer traders, and the immense potential of offering CFDs. We will also shed light on the difference between CFDs and options, which opens up a world of global financial markets to your traders.

How to Boost Your Affiliate Commissions!

It’s important to emphasise that adding these unique financial instruments to your repertoire, alongside the traditional Forex pairs, will draw in more traffic, boost referral rates, and expand your client base.

This, in turn, translates to higher commissions. So, whether you’re an affiliate marketer, introducing broker (IB), or money manager, introducing options and CFDs to your traders will undoubtedly skyrocket your commissions, delight your traders with endless trading possibilities, and ensure their long-term engagement – a recipe for a lifetime of commissions for your affiliate business!

If you’re already aligned with a Forex broker, it might be time to reconsider and switch to a brokerage that offers these products: CFDs and Options Trading, such as AvaTrade.

Understanding the difference between CFD and options, you will clearly see the superior advantage traders have if they trade with a brokerage that offers all these- in other words, the ability to trade a variety of markets and a variety of tools such as options.

Here’s a quick checklist to evaluate your current brokerage partner and discover how you can quadruple your affiliate earnings:

Does the broker offer a wide range of financial instruments and assets for trading?

  • CFDs: AvaTrade offers a diverse range of financial instruments, including shares, options, indices, Forex pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ADRs, bonds, and ETFs.
  • Options Trading: Platforms like AvaOptions provide various options trading strategies, from put and call options to spreads and more.

Regulation and Reputation:

  • Ensure your current brokerage is highly regulated to instill confidence in your clients and referrals. AvaTrade is regulated across five continents and for options trading.

Innovative Apps and Trading Platforms:

  • Promote innovative features like AvaProtect and AvaTradeGO, offering traders convenience and risk management tools, setting you apart from the competition.

Vanilla Options – A Game-Changer!

Let’s clarify – we’re not discussing binary options here. AvaTrade doesn’t offer binary options. Instead, we’re diving into “vanilla” options, encompassing calls and puts on foreign exchange, gold, silver, and soon, other products, too. Why is this an incredible product to promote?

Enter AvaOptions, a platform that redefines options trading.

AvaOptions, available on mobile and desktop, simplifies options trading, making it accessible and comprehensible for traders. It empowers traders to understand, visualise, and manage options effectively. This is your chance to introduce your clients and referrals to a new dimension of trading.

Key Facts About Options:

  • Options revolutionise trading, elevating it to a new level that no professional trader can ignore.
  • Foreign exchange options represent the largest options market globally.
  • Only a handful of retail brokers offer options trading, and AvaTrade’s AvaOptions stands out with its clarity, ease of use, versatile strategies, and competitive pricing – a trader’s dream!

Benefits of Options Trading:

  • Unlimited Profits with Defined Risks: Buying Options allows traders the possibility of earning unlimited profits but with predefined and limited risks.
  • Controlled Exposure: Traders risk only the amount they invest in the Option, offering them more control over their potential losses.
  • Earning Premiums: By selling Options, traders can earn premiums, presenting an avenue for additional profits.
  • Tailored Exposure: Through the strategic combination of Call and Put Options, traders can customize their market exposure in line with their outlook.

AvaOptions: Where Options Traders Thrive! At AvaTrade, you’ll discover over a dozen options strategies, not limited to simple calls and puts. Think call spreads, put spreads, ratio call spreads, back spreads, straddles, strangles, risk reversals, and more! AvaTrade allows options trading with limits and stop orders for added flexibility.

A Closer Look at AvaOptions

Embarking on a journey with AvaOptions unveils a world where technology and legality harmoniously intertwine. A flagship platform of AvaTrade, AvaOptions dissolves any remnants of association with the blemished realm of binary options, presenting itself as a sanctuary of legitimate, regulated online trading.

Crafting an Affiliate Strategy for AvaOptions

Promoting AvaOptions within the grand theatre of your AvaTrade affiliate strategy begins with an immersive experience. By engaging with a free demo account, affiliates can wander through the AvaOptions landscape, allowing a direct interaction with the platform’s ambience and functionalities, albeit in a simulation adorned with virtual currency.

Fostering a connection with your AvaPartner affiliate manager unveils a treasure trove of marketing materials, each piece a potential jewel to enrich your promotional tapestry. Regular rejuvenation of these materials ensures a fresh and engaging presentation, aligning with SEO rhythms and the ever-evolving features of the platform.

Articulating the Brilliance of AvaOptions

Promoting AvaOptions demands a thoughtful understanding of its core strengths and a harmonisation with the melodies of your traffic’s preferences and experiences. Tailoring your narrative to resonate with your audience’s familiarity and aspirations with online trading crafts a symphony of persuasion and engagement.

Championing AvaOptions’ Virtues

AvaOptions dances in the spotlight with a bouquet of selling points:

  • Seamless accessibility without the need for downloads
  • A fortress of security
  • A range of the latest trading technologies
  • Swift, real-time pricing rhythms
  • A stage free from glitches, fostering reliability
  • A rich choreography of indicators and trading tools

Affiliates, especially those new to the trading’s orchestral terminologies, might find certain technical vocabularies perplexing stage dancers. Demystifying these terms and choreographing them into a simplified, engaging performance on your site can enchant your audience and enhance SEO rhythms.

Comparative Performances

A powerful act in your promotional performance is the comparison ballet, where AvaOptions pirouettes alongside other platforms in AvaTrade’s repertoire. Crafting comparison tables and charts sprinkled with the magic of keywords and engaging titles crafts a visually delightful and influential performance, captivating your audience and the appreciative eyes of search engines.


Embarking on a promotional odyssey with AvaOptions as a cherished act in your broader AvaTrade affiliate ballet can be a rewarding performance. It bestows opportunities to weave a diverse and enriching tapestry of content, illuminating pathways to lead generation and a flourishing garden of affiliate commissions. With thoughtful strategy, continuous optimisation, and a sprinkle of creativity, your promotional performance is poised to dazzle the affiliate marketing stage.

Calling All New Partners – Act Now! Now that you’re aware of the benefits of offering options trading and CFDs to your referrals and clients, you understand how these financial instruments can set you apart and offer a unique selling proposition. Your referrals and clients will be thrilled to discover these opportunities, making your affiliate business stand out in the crowd.

They’ll likely exclaim, “Wow, I didn’t know this existed. This is incredible – thank you!” So, if you’re ready to take your affiliate commissions to the next level, it’s time to consider a brokerage that can offer CFDs and Options Trading. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your affiliate marketing game and open doors to unlimited earnings potential.

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