June 26, 2022

The Best CPA and RevShare Programs

CPA Revshare programs

CPA and RevShare are the two most popular commission plans for broker affiliates. CPA programs are especially popular with online affiliates and offer a straightforward route to high profits. RevShare programs are ideal for affiliates who bring high volume, long-term traders. RevShare can also deliver high commissions to money managers and introducing brokers (IBs). 

If you’re new to forex affiliate marketing, 2022 is a great time to sign up. The markets are volatile, and forex, cryptos, stocks and commodities are receiving plenty of headlines in the financial press. Concerns about inflation (currently at a 40-year high) and a possible recession in the US, UK, and Europe may encourage more people to explore online trading possibilities. 

Online brokers like AvaTrade are keen to sign up new traders and offer a massive range of financial instruments and assets. You can make money as an affiliate in 2022 from both CPA and RevShare deals. Q3 and Q4 of 2022 could be highly profitable for broker affiliates attuned to market conditions and ready to launch imaginative campaigns that exploit changes in the financial markets.

The challenge for broker affiliates is to find reliable partner programs that offer genuinely flexible CPA and RevShare commission deals. To make money as an affiliate partner, you need a professional and experienced partner program that promotes a regulated online broker. Your partner program must have the experience and resources to support your affiliate marketing and pay you the highest possible commissions!

What is CPA?

CPA means cost per acquisition. Your partner program will pay you a fixed rate for every new trader you bring. A CPA deal gives you a consistent commission structure that can generate high profits. The advantage of a CPA commission structure is that it’s a simple and convenient business model. You will earn money from each successful trader referral – regardless of their trading volume or the amount of time they remain active at the brokerage.

What is RevShare?

RevShare is a slightly more complicated commission structure that is a partnership deal. When you negotiate a RevShare deal, you’ll receive an agreed percentage of each trader’s trading volume as a commission. Your RevShare profits will continue for as long as the trader remains active and continues to trade. If you have serious traders who intend to maintain high exposure over a long period, RevShare programs can earn you long-term profits.

CPA Programs vs RevShare Programs

CPA programs are often the starting plan for new broker affiliate partners; They are a simple and profitable introduction to online affiliate marketing. Your monthly CPA profits are calculated automatically. You can track the performance of your affiliate links via your dashboard and see exactly how your traffic is performing and how much you earn.

A lucrative CPA deal can be an excellent springboard to a new career as an online affiliate and allows you to earn as you learn. If you’re driving generic or average traffic via your affiliate site, blog, or social media channels, a CPA commission plan is a quick and profitable solution.

RevShare Commission Plans

RevShare is a more sophisticated commission structure but isn’t inherently complicated. Your RevShare commissions are also calculated automatically, and you can follow ‘your’ traders and check their trading volume via your affiliate dashboard. A RevShare deal can be a good business move once you clearly understand your traffic.

Many of the financial industry’s most successful affiliates started with CPA commission deals. As they gained a more profound knowledge of their traffic and affiliate marketing, they adjusted their campaigns to target high-value traffic. Identifying marketing niches and connecting with major traders is key to earning high profits as a forex or crypto affiliate.

The same principles apply to other assets like stocks, bonds, ETFs and commodities. A RevShare deal will generate multiple passive income streams as soon as you start driving high-value traffic. Even a handful of active traders can earn you large commissions. The cumulative effect of regular RevShare conversions can snowball into a six-figure income, meaning a tailored combination of CPA and RevShare plans gives you the best of both worlds.

How to Find the Right CPA Deal?

Broker affiliate programs are always keen to sign up promising affiliate partners. There is a lot of competition to work with ambitious and energetic affiliates who drive quality forex and crypto traffic (and all forms of online trading). Some partner programs try to ensnare affiliate partners with extremely high CPA offers. It’s a powerful advertising ploy that continues to trap the inexperienced, unwary and greedy.

The main offenders are partner programs that promote unregulated online brokers. They have a high turnover of affiliate partners and use aggressive promotional tactics to get new sign-ups. If you sign up for an unrealistically high CPA deal, one of two things will probably happen:

  1. Your partner program will change the terms of the deal after a short period
  2. Your partner program won’t honor your commissions

The first rule of any business deal is that if something looks too good to be true, it invariably is too good to be true. You might be congratulating yourself on your ability to negotiate a fantastic CPA deal, but you’ll be less pleased when your partner program refers you to the small print.

There are all kinds of dodges, but the most common is explaining that the deal was an introductory offer for new partners. After the first month, you revert to the standard CPA plan. The chances are that it will be a below-par deal. Beware of unscrupulous partner programs that use high CPA deals as bait.

Promote Regulated Brokers as an Affiliate

There are plenty of legitimate shortcuts to making a lot of money as an affiliate. The one shortcut that never works is promoting unregulated brokers. The only reliable partner programs in the online financial industry are those with a proven track record that promote regulated brokers like AvaTrade. Partner programs like AvaPartner earned their reputations systematically – and over a long time. They are the only broker affiliate programs that can guarantee successful affiliates a high, long-term income. 

An excellent way to check whether you’re dealing with a top-class partner program is to see whether they offer tailored CPA and RevShare Deals. You should be able to negotiate an individual commission plan that suits your financial goals and current capacity as an affiliate.

Good partner programs will always allow you to renegotiate and upgrade to master affiliate or dynamic CPA deals.

Well-established partner programs like AvaPartner have the experience and the budget to work with affiliates professionally. They can provide unique marketing materials for your campaigns and websites and want to see your affiliate business grow and prosper. It’s also a lot easier to promote a regulated broker like AvaTrade. The brokerage already has a credible online reputation and provides some of the world’s best trading platforms and fintech.

Should I Choose CPA or RevShare?

Some affiliates wrongly assume that CPA is less profitable than RevShare. It depends entirely on the quality and volume of your traffic and the commissions you negotiate. If you’re with an experienced partner program, they will take the time to explain all the options in detail. You can create some financial models based on your current (or anticipated) site traffic.

It’s also worth exploring the potential of a dynamic CPA deal. This can be an excellent commission plan if you can bring large traders. Instead of a straight cost per acquisition commission, you will receive a percentage of the client’s first-time deposit (FTD). Considering that some high-value traders deposit six-figure sums, a dynamic CPA deal suddenly looks very attractive.

RevShare deals can be ideal for affiliates who find a market niche and consistently refer long-term traders to an online broker. If you’re confident that a trader will remain with a broker for months, or even years, and will trade regularly, a RevShare deal is money in the bank every month. Money managers and introducing brokers love RevShare deals and see them as a valuable income stream.

The bottom line is that you should expect flexibility from your partner program. As your affiliate business grows and evolves, you’ll need to adjust your commission plans to earn higher profits. A good partner program will be happy to work with you closely on developing tailored commission plans. The more you earn, the more traffic you will bring, and the more successful the partner program will be. Avoid any program with a short-term outlook on commission plans and affiliate partnerships.

CPA and RevShare Plans at AvaPartner

AvaPartner already paid over $250 million in commissions to its affiliate partners. The program will work with you closely and help you find the CPA, dynamic CPA, or RevShare deal best suited to your affiliate business. The commission plans are calculated to reward affiliates who bring high-quality traffic.

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