November 22, 2022

Best Forex Affiliate Programs in the UK

Best Forex Affiliate Programs in the UK

Great Britain is a superb market for forex affiliates, but finding the best forex affiliate programs in the UK can be a little more challenging. Brexit has confused forex affiliates who want to tap into the lucrative UK markets. There are also concerns about the British economy, particularly regarding inflation and a possible recession in 2023. 

The good news is that the British have a massive appetite for online trading and are generally receptive to forex affiliate marketing. There are still some outstanding opportunities to make money as a UK Forex affiliate. If you’re working with a top partner program and creating an effective affiliate marketing model, a monthly income in excess of £10,000 should be attainable!

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the British economy, the effect of Brexit, and the UK forex scene. Once you have a basic overview of the British market and understand how to drive UK traffic, you’ll be ready to sign up with one of Britain’s top partner programs and start earning high commissions from British forex traders.

Can Forex Affiliates Make Money in the UK in 2023?

There’s no doubt that the UK economy is going through a tough time and may well get worse in 2023. The global COVID-19 pandemic led to major lockdowns across Britain and a massive expansion of public spending and quantitative easing. 

This occurred just as the UK economy began the process of de-integrating with the EU economy. The results included supply chain problems, inflation, and the British pound hitting historical lows – parity – with the US dollar. 

The UK also experienced serious political upheavals, close to political anarchy. Prime Minister Teresa May was ousted and replaced by Boris Johnson, who was ousted in turn and replaced by Liz Truss. After just 50 days of chaotic leadership and controversial economic policies, Truss was forced to resign. The latest Prime Minister is Rishi Sunak, who favors imposing high taxes amid an impending recession. 

Politically and economically, the UK is clearly in a mess, but it’s not alone in experiencing severe economic challenges. The EU has higher inflation rates and lower growth and faces a likely winter energy crisis. The US is also facing major problems with inflation, bear markets, and a looming recession. The British economy is causing the government serious concern, but the UK is in a better position than some of its critics and rivals. 

2023 is likely to be a challenging year worldwide, not just in Britain. Inflation, recession, the commodity crisis, high energy prices, and spiraling food costs will likely destabilize the global economy. Whatever happens, online forex trading will continue, currencies will continue to experience volatility, and the forex markets will attract new independent traders. Intelligent and energetic forex affiliates will still have plenty of opportunities to earn high commissions in 2023.

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How Does Brexit Affect Forex Affiliates?

Following a national referendum, the UK formally withdrew from the EU on 31st January 2020 – a process known as Brexit. Britain had joined the EU’s predecessor, the EEC, in 1973, and its economy was deeply integrated into the EU economy. The British economy was governed by a mass of EEC and EU laws and regulations for half a century. Britain also had close trading partnerships with fellow EU member states. Crucially, the UK had not adopted the common currency (euro) and had retained the British pound. 

The Brexit referendum campaign involved a phenomenon loosely known as ‘Project Fear’ where politicians and commentators speculated about the economic, social, and political consequences of Brexit. At its worst, Project Fear predicted complete economic chaos, with disastrous shortages of necessities, a collapse of the national power grid, and rioting in the streets.

The UK certainly entered a period of confusion following Brexit. There was widespread anxiety about how the country would cope with the economic dislocation, but very few Project Fear predictions came true. Brexit is an ongoing process and not a single event, but it’s been business as usual in the UK since Brexit began. London continues to function as one of the world’s major financial sectors, and British traders still have access to – and considerable appetite for – online forex trading. 

Regulated online forex brokers like AvaTrade continue to sign up UK forex traders, and Brexit has not caused any significant issues with processing payments and account management. Forex affiliate programs in the UK and abroad continue to do business and pay high commissions to British forex affiliates and international forex affiliates who bring good quality UK leads. 

Why Become a UK Forex Affiliate?

If you’re new to forex affiliate marketing (or affiliate marketing in general), it’s worth taking a minute to understand the basics. Online affiliates are people with a website or a presence on social media. They sign a deal with an affiliate partner program to promote a particular company or product. 

The partner program provides its affiliate partners with unique affiliate links that track traffic from their websites and social media platforms. Whenever someone visits your website and clicks on your affiliate link, they are taken to your partner’s site. You are rewarded with a commission if they make a purchase or become a client. 

The advantage of becoming a UK Forex affiliate is that you can quickly earn high profits without needing previous experience or specialist knowledge. All you need is a good website, influence on social media, and the ambition to make money. If you’re willing to follow a few basic rules – and put the work in – a six-figure income as a forex affiliate is a realistic goal. 

The other advantage of working as a UK Forex affiliate is that you will be your own boss. A Forex affiliate partner program is a genuine partner. Nobody will be giving you schedules or quotas or deadlines. It’s entirely up to you when and how you work, and there won’t be anyone telling you what to do.

You’ll get paid a high commission when you bring forex traders via your affiliate links. If you want to branch out as an introducing broker or a master affiliate, you’ll be welcome to negotiate a new commission structure and create additional income streams. Your Forex affiliate program will also help out by providing high-converting marketing materials for free. 

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Start Making Money Today

If you’re ready to start making money as a Forex affiliate, your first step is to sign up with a Forex affiliate program. AvaPartner is one of the UK’s most experienced and professional partner programs. As soon as you choose a commission plan, you’ll receive your first unique affiliate links and be ready to begin your marketing campaigns. 

If you already have a website, your first step is to add blog posts, landing pages, banners, reviews, trading tutorials, and other high-value content about online forex trading in the UK – and the broker AvaTrade in particular. As soon as you’re happy with your content (and it’s optimized for SEO), you can add your affiliate links and begin tracking your leads. 

Build a Network Across Social Media

Even if you’re not a personal fan of social media, it can be a wonderful money maker for UK forex affiliates. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms are great places to generate user interest. You can embed your affiliate links in social media posts or pull traffic to your website. A social media profile network massively increases your reach and exposure.

Aim to build an active community on your social platforms. Take the time to reply to comments and answer questions. It would be best if you also focused on making professional connections with people who can help to develop your affiliate business. These can be graphic designers, financial content writers, PPC experts, other freelance marketers, or website owners who want to publish guest posts. Social media is ideal for making valuable contacts.

You don’t need to be a social media expert to make your first connections and find leads. Like everything else in forex affiliate marketing, managing successful social media campaigns is a learning curve. Fortunately, the basics are simple, and you can get fast results. It pays to have ambitious goals when you promote online forex trading on social media. Think about publishing trading tutorial films on YouTube and reviewing platforms like MT4, MT5, AvaTradeGO, AvaOptions, and AvaSocial. 

You don’t need a lot of resources, professional knowledge, or experience to make money as a forex affiliate in the UK. You only need a basic website or a social media presence. If you’re willing to learn, you’ll quickly make money. If you reinvest some of your first profits in your websites and social media campaigns, you can make a lot more money! 

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