September 14, 2023

Shoot and Score! Why Football is Good for Affiliate Partners

Why Football is Good for Affiliate Partners

Promote AvaTrade’s Partnership with the UAE Pro League


When your goal is to become a broker affiliate superstar and earn the highest possible commissions, you need affiliate marketing campaigns that resonate with your key trading demographics. Nothing beats Pro League football for generating amazing social media creatives. Football is almost a universal language and instantly grabs the attention of people who might click over a typical online trading creative.


Online broker AvaTrade loves to work with top teams in various high-paced sports and sign lucrative sponsorship deals that bring the brokerage into international prominence. We have already published a blog post about how to promote AvaTrade’s partnership with the renowned Aston Martin Formula One team. Football fans will be happy to learn that AvaTrade is also in partnership with the UAE Pro League (ADNOC Pro League).


The UAE Pro League includes fourteen of the Gulf region’s most popular football teams and has an estimated total market value of €288 million. It might not be quite on the scale of the English Premier League or the major European leagues, but it’s a regional powerhouse that recruits famous players worldwide and hosts over 400 games a year.


Why is Football Good for Affiliate Partners?


All kinds of people are attracted to online trading. Top brokers like AvaTrade offer a full range of assets and financial instruments with varying risk levels. Traders come from every background and have a huge variety of financial goals and interest levels. Although there is considerable diversity, some forms of online trading consistently attract young men in their twenties and thirties. The most popular forms of assets with this demographic are cryptocurrencies and forex.


Young men tend to respond positively to the volatility of cryptos and Forex and the possibilities of earning high profits quickly. They tend to have higher risk tolerance, be more impulsive, and are attracted to assets like Bitcoin. This is also the demographic that is most likely to be interested in fast-paced professional football and soccer-related content. A partnership between a leading online broker like AvaTrade and an organisation like the UAE Pro League is a great opportunity for ambitious affiliate marketers who want to boost their commissions.



Start Promoting AvaTrade as a Broker Affiliate


If you’re new to the lucrative world of broker affiliate marketing, it’s definitely worth getting a quick overview of how the business works. The basic principles of affiliate marketing are straightforward, and if you follow a few basic rules, it’s possible to earn high commissions from the very beginning. Top affiliate marketers can aim for a six-figure income.


When you become an online affiliate, you’ll work with a NO FOLLOW LINK  partner program. Your partner program will provide you with a tailored commission plan and your own unique affiliate links. You’ll get paid whenever someone clicks on your links and becomes an online trader. Your partner program will also keep you updated with new marketing opportunities and can provide you with your own high-converting marketing materials to help promote the brand.


There are many ways to promote a top-quality online brokerage like AvaTrade, and you’ll learn to adjust your marketing messages to match your target audience. Generally speaking, there are 5 key messages to convey in your campaigns:


5 Key Marketing Messages for Affiliate Campaigns


  1. Online CFD trading is simple, convenient and secure. Newcomers can easily learn the basics of online trading.
  2. While there is an inherent element of risk, traders can earn high profits. Responsible brokers encourage risk management.
  3. AvaTrade provides some of the world’s best trading platforms and fintech tools.
  4. Traders have access to a range of assets, including cryptos, Forex, stocks, commodities, bonds, options and ETFs.
  5. AvaTrade is fully regulated by several official bodies and conforms to the relevant legal regulations and industry standards.


Read our related blog post about becoming a CFD affiliate.


When you’re promoting a leading broker like AvaTrade through its partnership with the UAE Pro League, a good tactic is to focus on specific assets, trading platforms, and the possibility of earning high profits in a short time.


The kind of traders who love football are likely to be interested in the advanced high-tech capabilities of trading platforms like MT4, MT5, and Web Trader. Trading tools like heatmaps and live charting are also worth featuring in your content. High-profile assets like Forex currency pairs, gold, oil and tech stocks can have a powerful appeal to this trader demographic.


Another useful marketing strategy is to incentivise your content and campaigns. Try offering free trading strategies or trading tutorials to potential traders. You can even compare the strategies and tactics that managers use on the football field and successful traders’ strategies to make money in the markets. If you can enter the mindset of your traffic, you’re far more likely to get profitable results.

Use the Pro League Partnership to Target Middle Eastern Traders


A significant advantage of promoting AvaTrade is that the brokerage is a fully regulated financial services provider in several regional jurisdictions, including the UAE. AvaTrade Middle East Ltd. is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) Financial Regulatory Services Authority (FRSA). Whenever you create affiliate content for Middle Eastern traffic, you should emphasise that AvaTrade is officially regulated in the UAE. Building trust and establishing a broker’s regulatory credentials can be a powerful tool for converting traffic.


It’s worth bearing in mind that millions of foreign expats (including half a million Westerners) live and work in the UAE. There is a similar target audience in neighbouring Gulf States, so there is plenty of potential for English language content and marketing campaigns. Many English-speaking expats have disposable incomes and may be interested in online trading.


Don’t be put off the Middle Eastern and Gulf markets by the misconception that you’ll need to create Arabic language affiliate campaigns. However, if you can access reliable translation services, it’s worth testing the water with some Arabic content. The UAE Pro League/AvaTrade partnership is a superb way to break into the local market and engage with the kind of traffic that you might not encounter through more conventional affiliate marketing campaigns.


Diversify Your Broker Affiliate Campaigns


Football and other sports can be a superb way to generate high-quality traffic and engage with potential traders who don’t usually visit online trading sites or read financial content. It’s worth exploring this niche energetically and actively targeting football fans with trading creatives, especially if you’re also interested in football.


The one thing you mustn’t do is focus on the football demographic exclusively. Apart from anything, football is a seasonal sport, and public interest levels can vary. The FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Championship will attract hundreds of millions – perhaps billions – of viewers and massive media attention. There will also be much slower periods when you’ll expect a smaller ROI for your affiliate campaigns.


It’s important to develop a working knowledge of online trading and follow the financial news. Your goal should be to understand the broad spectrum of online traders and their motivations. If you’re launching a campaign to cash in on the Pro League Cup final, you should also look at other marketing opportunities.


For example, is there a stock market rally? Perhaps a well-known global company just crashed (check out how Volkswagen stock plunged 58% in four days back in 2008). When household name brands make the news, sharp online affiliates can design compelling creatives. A surging Bitcoin, rising gold prices, or a shortage of a key commodity can all drive traffic when you find a message that captures the public mood.


Make Money as a Broker Affiliate Partner Today


Online affiliate marketing is one of the few fields where entry-level beginners can immediately earn high profits. All you need to get started is a website or a social media presence. If you’re ambitious, keen to make money and ready to follow a few basic rules, you can build your own online affiliate business from scratch. Some of the world’s most successful broker affiliates started out with a single website or an active social media profile and leveraged their first commissions into a major monthly income.


When you sign up with AvaPartner, you can negotiate a tailored commission plan. As you develop more expertise and build your affiliate marketing network, you’ll also have the opportunity to branch out as an introducing broker or make extra money as a master affiliate. AvaPartner is a well-established and highly professional program that rewards initiative and wants to see its partners succeed financially.


AvaPartner will inform you about partnership deals with the UAE Pro League, Aston Martin Formula One team, and other marketing opportunities and special events. If you want to work with the pros and join a program that’s already paid over $300,000 in commissions, this is the perfect moment to get started!


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