April 27, 2022

6 Types of Broker Partnerships

broker partnerships

2024 is already proving to be an exciting year for forex affiliates. Market volatility is attracting new traders and creating profitable broker partnerships for affiliates. It’s a great time to sign up with a partner program and earn high commissions!

If you want to make money as a stock trading affiliate, it’s essential to join the right partner program and choose the broker partnership and commission plan that suits your needs. There are hundreds of online brokers, but only a few reliable partner programs consistently pay out high commissions.

This blog post will give you a rundown on the various broker partnerships – and how to profit from them. We’ll also explain the benefits of promoting a regulated online broker like AvaTrade, and how to feature its trading platforms and apps in high-converting marketing materials.

Choose a Profitable Broker Partnership

Six main types of broker partnerships can deliver long-term profits to stock and forex affiliates. They all have their advantages, and a professional partner program will be happy to create a tailored deal that allows you to earn money from more than one type of partnership.

  • Online Affiliates make up the majority of broker affiliate partners. An online affiliate is simply someone who has a website (or a following on social media) and sends traffic to a broker via unique affiliate links. It’s a straightforward way to earn money, and a good partner program will always provide free marketing materials and creatives to help drive traffic. Most successful forex affiliates start as online affiliates.
  • Introducing brokers are usually more experienced online traders who introduce new clients to an online brokerage. They often maintain a close relationship with their referred clients for their active trading lifetime at the brokerage. The advantage of becoming an introducing broker (IB) is that you can earn a high passive income based on your client’s trading activity. Many people who start as online affiliates quickly aim to become IBs.
  • Money Managers are successful traders who graduate to manage other peoples’ trades. As you build a client base, you can earn more money by conducting your online trading on AvaTrade’s Multi-Account-Manager platform or MAM. Your commission plan as a money manager will include a management fee and a profit-sharing structure. If you’re already an active trader and have some people skills, you can make high profits.
  • Trading Academy owners have an excellent opportunity to earn money as affiliate partners. If you have a trading academy (website, YouTube channel, podcasts, or even an offline resource), you can refer new traders directly to an online broker. Trading academy owners can easily earn far more money from a partner program than by charging for their trading tutorials or monetizing a channel. It’s a great way to establish multiple income streams.
  • Call Centers are a small niche within the affiliate marketing industry – but are potentially a highly lucrative business model. If you have a support team or marketing team, there are some fantastic opportunities to expand your business when you work with a partner program. A successful and well-established affiliate program like AvaPartner has unrivaled experience and connections. This is the perfect time to profit from new trader demand.
  • Service Providers from the fintech and software industries can also earn high profits when collaborating with a top-quality partner program. There’s a huge demand for technical innovation, with unique partner programs for people who can deliver groundbreaking fintech. If you have new bots, apps, signals, trading platforms, or other resources, you can quickly increase your earnings by partnering with industry leaders.

How do I Find the Right Broker Partnership?

The golden rule for people who want to earn high commissions as a forex affiliate is to always work with a regulated broker. Promoting a regulated online broker like AvaTrade is the only way to make high, consistent, long-term profits. The right broker partnership can potentially deliver a six-figure income. The wrong partnership – with a shady unregulated broker – could quickly cost you money.

A regulated broker like AvaTrade can attract and retain high-volume traders. This is the kind of traffic that you will earn a lucrative income from when you sign up for RevShare or Dynamic CPA plans. These serious traders know that their rights are protected when they trade at AvaTrade. They can expect real-time market prices, segregated accounts, investor protection, and recourse to the official regulator if there is an issue.

Promote a Full Range of Assets and Platforms

AvaTrade established its international reputation as an online forex broker. Over the last decade, it added a massive range of assets to all kinds of financial instruments, including CFDs. AvaTrade clients can leverage and trade almost any type of market, which is a massive advantage for affiliates. Your broker partnership with AvaPartner will allow you to launch campaigns that cover the entire trading spectrum of forex, cryptos, commodities, stocks, bonds, ETFs, indices – and even options!

When you devise campaigns and marketing materials, you can promote AvaTrade features like Stop Loss and Take Profit (plus a whole range of other risk management tools). Apps like AvaTradeGO and the outstanding choice of trading platforms also have high conversion value. When you promote AvaTrade, it pays to view platforms like MT4, MT5, AvaSocial, Mac Trading, and AvaOptions as mini-brands and push them as hard as possible. Top-quality platforms and fintech products sway potential traders. 

Key Points for a Successful Broker Partnership

When you decide to become a Forex affiliate, you’ve already taken your first step toward earning high commissions. If you follow the basic rules, you will be able to establish a successful broker partnership and Profit from the massive global online trading industry.

  1. Only promote regulated brokers like AvaTrade
  2. Understand the six types of broker partnership
  3. Aggressively promote the full spectrum of CFD assets
  4. Promote the broker’s trading platforms and trading tools
  5. Work closely with the partner program and use their marketing materials.


Which Broker Partnership is Best?

All types of broker partnerships are potentially highly profitable. The best type is the one that suits your business model and financial goals. Most people start as online affiliates, and many are very happy to continue as online affiliates. If you are successful – and ambitious – you’ll soon see opportunities to diversify. The most common paths are to make more money as an introducing broker or to open an online trading academy. If you discover that you have a flair for online trading (many affiliates never really try trading), you can become a money manager. These are logical progressions that you can operate alongside your online affiliate business. AvaPartner can offer plenty of good advice about how to grow your business.

Why Should I Promote AvaTrade?

When you promote AvaTrade, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money. You’re also working with experienced professionals who value their international reputation for honesty and excellence. AvaTrade has a huge range of assets, is regulated in jurisdictions worldwide, and has some outstanding trading technology. Put: AvaTrade is an easy brand to promote. You can earn very high profits if you have good SEO, effective marketing materials, and strong campaigns. AvaPartner has paid out over $250 million since the program was first established and is one of the few major partner programs that has stood the test of time. When you sign up with AvaPartner, you’ll always have the freedom to renegotiate your commission plan and diversify as an affiliate partner.

Is 2022 a Good Year to Start a Broker Partnership?

Arguably, every year is an excellent year to start a broker partnership. The global financial markets are enormous, with forex trading alone reaching daily volumes of trillions of dollars. 2022 is showing all the signs of being a volatile year for forex, commodities (especially energies and food staples), and cryptos. There are also issues with inflation and public confidence in traditional financial institutions. Astute affiliates are already exploiting the unusual market conditions to drive traffic. If you follow the financial news and have an agile and adaptable approach to campaigns, you can easily attract new online traders. Affiliate work is one of the few fields where newcomers with no experience can get started and build a profitable business with minimal capital investment.

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