July 5, 2022

Forex Affiliates Benefits from Guest Posting

Benefits from Guest Posting

Forex affiliates are competing intensely for traffic in 2022. The top partner programs pay high commissions for traders, and every lead is a potential money maker for affiliates. To make serious money as a forex affiliate, you need marketing strategies that increase your online exposure and drive profitable traffic.

Top-quality content is vital for online forex affiliates. Publishing unique, SEO-optimized site content and blog posts is a starting point. It would help if you focused on guest posting to reach a wider audience and create backlinks from quality sites. We’ll explain the advantages of guest posting for forex affiliates, how to write compelling guest posts, and how to find and build partnerships with other sites and blogs.

What is Guest Posting for Forex Affiliates?

A guest post is simply an article someone supplies to a third-party blog or website – often for free. It’s a quid pro quo arrangement that benefits the host and the guest. The host receives free content for the site, and the guest reaches a broader audience and gains positive exposure. The forex affiliate’s benefits are threefold:

3 Forex Affiliates Benefits from Guest Posting

  1. Guest posts drive traffic and create new leads. If your content is relevant and compelling, at least some of your new readers will sign up as online traders.
  2. Guest posting should create valuable backlinks from sites with high Google rankings. As well as driving traffic, backlinks from ranked sites will boost your SEO and gradually improve your own SERPs.
  3. Forex affiliates who publish guest posts develop their online personas and build credibility and authority for their brands. Your reputation and voice are crucial to your success as a forex affiliate.

How to Write Guest Posts for Forex Affiliates?

Successful bloggers and site owners set high standards. They only accept well-written content that will interest their current readers or appeal to target demographics. Guest posts must be engaging, factually correct, SEO optimized, and carefully structured for easy reading. If you can’t write articles and blog posts to a professional standard, hire someone who can.

If you’re hiring freelance financial content writers to write your guest posts, getting a few third parties to check and review their content is very important. If you’re targeting English-speaking traders, you should never employ a content writer who doesn’t have US or UK English as a first language.

One of the great things about the international forex markets is that they constantly generate news headlines. The trillion-dollar currency markets are massive, inherently volatile, hugely important, and constantly changing. You will always have plenty of fascinating subjects to write about.

5 Top Tips for Writing Guest Posts

  1. Write about relevant subjects of interest to potential forex traders, e.g. the likely effect of the latest Fed interest rate rise on the forex markets.
  2. Optimize all your guest posting articles for SEO. Think about keywords, and H2s, tag any images and structure the article format to please crawlers and bots… 
  3. Try and structure your article so that if a reader only skims through it or reads the intro, they will still be influenced and will see your links – or will at least know who you are.
  4. Take some time to research each site where you are guest posting. Your article should match the general style and values of the host blog or site. Comply absolutely with your host’s editorial requirements!
  5. When you cite facts and figures, or quote sources, try to include links and references, e.g. “In a recent article, Bloomberg predicted that the British pound would weaken against the euro”. When you write something that is your own opinion, be clear with the reader. Don’t present opinion as fact, and always try to offer some evidence to justify your analysis.

Guest Posting and Attribution

Forex affiliates’ benefits from guest posting depend on effective attribution. Bloggers and content managers are delighted to get top-quality content for free. A steady supply of well-written articles saves them time and money, pleases their readers, and improves their own SERPs. It’s important to remember that guest posting is supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Your goal in guest posting is to make money. Each article you provide is an investment – and you need to see a quantifiable ROI for each guest post. When negotiating with a host partner, be clear about your expectations for fair attribution. Ideally, each article should contain at least one prominent backlink to your site or landing page if you can negotiate a short bio with a profile picture.

At an absolute minimum, each guest post should contain a visible sentence attributing the article to you. Don’t waste your content on them if a content manager, editor, or site owner tries to fob you off and deny you fair attribution. It’s always better to put more effort into finding cooperative partners for guest posting. Even if a site has lower rankings, fewer visitors, or less prestige, it is arguably a better partner if it will guarantee a backlink and full attribution.

5 Subjects for Forex Affiliate Guest Posting

When you write guest posts for forex affiliate marketing, you must be very clear about your target readership. Articles aimed at experienced online traders will be very different from articles written for people who want to invest or earn more money but haven’t seriously considered online trading yet.

There are dozens of specialist and niche forex and trading-related subjects, and it’s always worth brainstorming with your host partner. If you’re looking for starting points, these 5 top subjects for forex affiliates will always attract readers:

  1. The forex markets and how to make money from forex trading
  2. Regulated brokers, online fraud, and risk management
  3. Current financial trends and the global economy
  4. Trading platforms and financial technology
  5. How to find the right online forex broker

Prospective and existing forex traders who want to improve their profits will always read guest posts about how to make money from forex trading. You shouldn’t make promises or offer guaranteed financial results, but you can present different scenarios and explore trading strategies and market conditions. For Example: Is the Swiss franc the best inflation hedge in 2022.

Building trust when you write about forex or broker-related subjects is always important. Guest posts that explain why traders should sign up with regulated brokers, how to prevent online fraud, and the importance of effective risk management is excellent for targeting potential traders. It’s also good to associate your affiliate brand with honest and responsible trading.

Informative and well-researched guest posts about the global economy and financial trends usually get a positive reception from host partners. They are especially relevant and appeal to a broader audience. Forex affiliates with valuable insights and analysis can expect a good ROI from financial guest posts. There are significant concerns about inflation, a possible recession, soaring commodity prices and weakening currencies. Explore these issues and identify any potential trading opportunities.

If you can build partnerships with tech websites or bloggers, you can offer a range of articles about the latest trading platforms and fintech trading tools. Fintech is highly innovative and uses all kinds of bots and coding to optimize trading. Any website that focuses on coding and programming or career information for hi-tech workers may welcome informative articles on the latest fintech developments.

Articles about finding the right online broker have a lot of potential for guest posting. However, you will usually need to be subtle if you’re working with top-quality sites that value their Google rankings. Try writing guest posts about financial planning or how to take responsibility for your investments. Explore a range of possibilities, discuss their pros and cons, and then talk about online trading and regulated brokers.

Set Clear Goals when you begin Guest Posting

Every guest post you write (or pay someone to write) represents an investment. Your guest posting is an affiliate marketing campaign. You should expect a profitable ROI and need to define your goals in advance:

  • Are you looking for site traffic via backlinks?
  • Do you want new subscribers to your newsletter or email list?
  • Is your priority to promote a specific broker offer, event or product?

It would be best if you also were clear about how you will analyze and optimize the performance of your guest posts.

It can take a certain amount of time to identify potential host sites. This is time well spent, and you should already be in the habit of researching other sites and analyzing their content and site traffic. Forex affiliates should maintain updated spreadsheets with links to brokers, rivals, content producers, blogs, financial news feeds, freelancers etc.

Be realistic when you first start contacting potential host partners. Keep your pitch short and positive, and include links to your best guest posts and blog posts. Don’t be discouraged by rejections – this is a form of inbound marketing where persistence pays off!

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