March 14, 2023

6 Must-Have Qualities For Affiliate Marketing Success in 2023

Boost affiliate marketing success in 2023 by focusing on the Forex and CFD niche!

2022 has produced some challenging conditions in the global financial markets. Inflation and the cost of living are major concerns in the US and Europe. The stock market is unpredictable, commodities are volatile, and we could be on the cusp of a global energy crisis. On the face of it, this is all bad news, but for shrewd forex and CFD affiliates, 2023 is proving to be a great year.

Market conditions change constantly, but the core qualities that make a successful marketing affiliate remain the same. High-earning affiliates have the agility to adapt to market conditions and find opportunities where others see only obstacles. We’ll take a closer look at the six must-have qualities for affiliate marketing success and how to build a profitable forex and CFD affiliate business that thrives even when the markets are experiencing a downturn.

Affiliate Marketing is Booming in 2023

If you want a true insight into the actual state of forex and CFD affiliate marketing in 2023, simply take a look at the commission plans that are on offer. Top partner programs are happy to pay high commissions to successful affiliates who can bring new traffic. Business is booming as people seek out alternative investments. Thousands of people are responding to the cost of living crisis by attempting to boost their incomes with online forex and CFD trading.

Partner programs are doing everything they can to attract energetic and ambitious affiliates who want to earn high incomes. They’re paying top dollar for quality traffic and offering flexible, tailored commission deals and free high-converting marketing materials. If you’re willing to learn the basics and put the work in, you can earn a high income as a broker affiliate. You don’t need previous experience, just a positive attitude and the ambition to achieve financial independence.

How to Achieve Success as an Affiliate Marketer

If you want to achieve high earnings, while working for yourself or running your own business, there’s no better way than affiliate marketing. And when it comes to the forex and CFD affiliate world, you can earn a very hefty income without even placing trades. All you need do is partner up with an online broker, build a site, or utilize various marketing techniques that can promote the broker’s offerings to prospective referrals through affiliate links, and earn a percentage of the profit if your referrals do place trades with your partner broker.

Sounds easy enough, but is it really? Well first of all affiliate marketing success depends on these 5 must-have success factors:

#1: Size Matters!

First and foremost, Affiliate marketing success has to do with promoting a company and its products that have a sizable audience and can attract large amounts of traffic. If you can’t visualize this from the start, don’t even bother putting time and effort into promoting such a company and its products or services. If the products/services, however, are in extreme demand and the company you are promoting is large enough and also reputable then it’s well worth promoting. Especially if you believe they are a highly profitable niche and the company’s services or products you want to promote have key advantages over its competitors!

The Forex and CFD financial niche, for example, can offer you a larger and more engaged audience due to the massive demand for trading the financial markets, especially the CFD market. This massive demand can provide maximum exposure for your offerings which, in turn, can help you achieve long-term financial objectives. Focusing on this niche and partnering with a reputable brokerage can truly be worth your time and efforts.

So, size does matter. However, size here can be measured in a variety of ways:

  1. The brokerage is a decent size, the website has decent volume (monthly traffic), and therefore has the potential to sell and bring traffic to it!
  2. The brokerage offers more than just forex (limited offering)-offers other financial instruments which give traders and investors the ability to trade all markets such as CFDs and options trading.
  3. Has a good reputation over many years- Look into its reputation online, and find out how many years the brokerage has been around for.
  4. Is highly regulated- if it’s not regulated don’t bother! The AvaPartner program, for example, is a regulated broker across 5 continents.
  5. A broad range of products- offers many services and unique products that traders and investors need and want!

For the Forex and CFD niche questions such as do they offer the latest trading platforms, do they have unique trading Apps, do they have other special products that no other company is offering? Such as multiple and advanced trading platforms. Partner only with a broker who offers you a choice of the latest trading platforms and mobile trading apps to satisfy your trading preferences. Including the popular MT4/MT5 and WebTrader, other great examples would be AvaOptions, and AvaTradeGO for mobile phone users who want to trade anytime, anywhere – all popular options offered exclusively by AvaTrade.

If you partner with a brokerage that answers to all the above, you can certainly hit those affiliate marketing objectives you set out for yourself!

#2: You are flexible

Is your affiliate marketing business adaptable or resilient enough to accommodate your needs if you decide to adjust your spending up or down? For example, do you have the ability to drive greater traffic volume to your site if you choose to spend more marketing dollars during, say, a bullish economy when there is an upward trend in an industry’s stocks? What about being flexible with marketing channels? If your investment in Facebook ads and campaigns, for example, isn’t working out well for you, are you flexible enough to try another social media channel? Or use email marketing or blogging to try and see if it’s more successful.

No doubt the most successful affiliate marketers are the ones that usually have had to try to learn through experience, and for some reason, they don’t give up if things do not work from the beginning. They keep trying until they find the right fit and the right strategy that works for them to produce massive traffic which in turn produces massive commissions for years to come!

#3: Transparency & Commission Plans

Customized commission plans – One size does not fit all, and your affiliate marketing business will become more successful and lucrative if your commission plan can be tailor-fit to your business model, long- and short-term business goals, and other preferences. AvaTrade not only offers you a choice of CPA (cost/acquisition), RevShare, or Hybrid commission models; but also makes sure you get quick and reliable payouts and state-of-the-art technologies to track your output and commissions.

Marketing support – Choose a partner broker who will make sure you are not alone when it comes to promoting your affiliate marketing business and increasing your commissions. For example, AvaTrade provides you with a whole range of marketing materials – including landing pages, banners, mailers, and widgets – plus a team of affiliate marketing experts that includes graphic designers to help you achieve success. 

#4: Can measure the ROI

Yep, it all comes down to ROI, when you do any marketing online. Your affiliate marketing success – increasing traffic to your website and convincing them to click on the links to your affiliate partners – may require you to spend some advertising dollars on targeted promotions that can boost your profits in the long term. Your ability to calculate your ROI as well as ROAS (return on ad spend) – to determine what’s paying off and what’s simply a waste of money – will help you fine-tune your promotional marketing strategy and give you the most bang for your buck. This is what differentiates successful affiliate marketers from the rest.

#5: Partnering with a trustworthy company that offers good customer support

When it comes to affiliate marketing, only partner with a trustworthy company that has a good reputation. Since you are promoting them, their reputation will reflect directly on you!

That is true even more when you are a broker or forex affiliate– putting your trust – and your clients’ or referral’s money – in the hands of a broker is a big deal. So, team up with a brokerage that is reputable and regulated. Start by ensuring that your online broker is overseen by the relevant regulatory authority – the more countries in which they are regulated, the better. For example, AvaTrade is compliant with the regulatory bodies in Canada, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Abu Dhabi, and the British Virgin Islands. This means your reputation and credibility won’t be put at risk, and you won’t lose current clients and potential profits as a result of, for example, an unregulated broker going bankrupt and running away with your clients’/referees’ money.

If you are promoting services as opposed to products, then better make sure the company or brokerage you are promoting offers dedicated customer support – Don’t lose out on this critical value. You’ll enjoy customer loyalty and ever-growing profits if your clients or referrals receive outstanding support, services in their language, help with what they need, and their questions answered.

#6: Promote something unusual! 

Promote something unusual by offering more options for referrals!

As we mentioned in factor #1 Size matters, and the more unique products the company offers, the better and easier it is to market! When it comes to the forex affiliate niche even more so, in fact, there are endless online forex brokers that have flooded the market, but very few stand out from the crowd. The ones that do are those that offer the ability for traders and investors to trade more than just forex pairs.

You can boost affiliate earnings if you promote a brokerage that also offers options trading and CFDs! 

Sure, forex affiliate partnerships are profitable but understand that you are competing with thousands of other affiliate marketers working to have their piece of the giant forex pie – making your job a thousand times harder. So why not let your affiliate commissions take off and soar by trading in rarer and more unique financial instruments such as options trading and CFDs?

Options trading, such as AvaOptions, is a win-win in so many ways: Say the market goes your way. It’s an opportunity for unlimited profits, with known and limited risks. Say it doesn’t? You lose ONLY what you paid for the option. Moreover, you get a 100:1 leverage for products (via AvaOptions), enabling you to make huge profits with minimal risk; control your exposure to the market (since you only lose what you’ve paid), and earn a premium in a way that can’t be duplicated by trading forex.

On the other hand, CFDs are your gateway to an infinitely wider range of trading opportunities. In fact, it’s almost like having the entire financial market at your fingertips. That’s because when you trade CFDs, you can also trade commodities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, ETFs, world Indices, stocks and options, and, of course, forex pairs. So instead of trading in the narrow world of forex, your earnings opportunities and potential suddenly just got way, way bigger!

Join AvaPartner now – and start building up those 6 must-have qualities for affiliate marketing success.

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