May 3, 2022

Trading Affiliate Programs in 2022

Trading Affiliate Programs in 2022


2022 is shaping up to be a profitable year for forex and stock trading affiliate programs. Events like Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter generate loads of headline-grabbing publicity for the stock markets. The generally volatile financial scene and broader global uncertainty attract newcomers to online brokers. It’s a great time to sign up with a top-quality trading affiliate program and start earning high commissions promoting CFD stocks – and a whole range of other assets!

Before joining a partner program, you need to know how the affiliate business works and how to maximize your profits. If you’re willing to start the right way and follow a few basic rules, you can aim for a six-figure income as a successful broker affiliate partner. We’ll explain everything you need to know about trading affiliate programs in 2022. We’ll also help you avoid common mistakes that can cost new affiliates time and money.

What are Stock Trading Affiliate Programs?

A trading affiliate program is not just a broker affiliate program. It’s a business that rewards people who bring new clients to online brokers like AvaTrade. Many people focus on stocks, but online brokers offer clients a wide variety of assets. These are usually – but not exclusively – traded as CFDs or contracts for difference. When you join a trading affiliate program, you can make money by referring forex and crypto traders and clients who want to trade commodities, bonds, ETFs, and options to the broker.

The partner program will give you a secure online dashboard where you can track your affiliate links and manage your traffic. You can negotiate your commission plan and earn a high monthly income from your referrals. Everything is automated, completely transparent, and easy to control. An affiliate program is geared towards making money – both for the brokerage and the affiliate partners. It’s a win/win business model, and your partner program will want to see you succeed.

How to Make Money with Stock Trading Affiliate Programs?

The first rule of making money with a trading affiliate program is to sign up with a partner program that promotes a regulated broker. Too many ambitious affiliates get suckered into working with unregulated brokers and are quickly disappointed. Typically, unregulated brokers offer tempting to sign-up deals with unrealistically high CPA deals. Naive affiliates see the dollar signs but don’t receive the projected commissions.

Regulated brokers are supervised by official bodies and guarantee their clients a fair deal. If the traders are being treated fairly, it stands to reason that the broker affiliate partners will also be dealt with honestly. 

  • Regulated brokers attract serious traders who are looking for long-term trading.
  • Regulated brokers are easier to promote, leading to higher conversions and better commissions.
  • A partner program for an established, regulated broker has the experience, professionalism – and high budget – to give affiliates flexible commission plans and a reliable passive income. There are plenty of unregulated online brokers offering CFD stock trading and a variety of other assets. They try to copy the branding and format of legitimate, regulated brokers and often use the same or similar trading platforms and other fintech tools. Some unregulated brokers are serious about building honest businesses, but most aren’t. They are looking for a quick buck and have no compunction about cheating their traders – and often their affiliate partners.

5 Steps to Success with a Trading Affiliate Program

Your goal as a trading or forex affiliate is to make a good profit in your first month and then earn progressively higher payments. High-earning affiliates usually follow a path closely based on these five steps:

  1. Sign up as an online affiliate with a regulated broker.
  2. Earn high initial commissions from your website and social media profiles.
  3. Reinvest a proportion of your profits in paid advertising, better content, and more online resources.
  4. Renegotiate your commission plan to include Dynamic CPA, RevShare, or Master Affiliate structures.
  5. Gain knowledge, experience, and contacts and then create additional income streams as a money manager or an introducing broker, or open a trading academy.

When you sign up with a trading affiliate program, they will help you with free marketing materials. You can request unique marketing materials specifically for your affiliate business. The partner program should also update you in advance when the broker launches new trading platforms or trading tools, adds new assets, or improves its spreads or trading terms. These are great marketing opportunities that can help you drive traffic.

How to Choose a Trading Affiliate Program in 2022?

When you choose a trading affiliate program, you need to start by looking at the online broker it promotes. When you encourage a leading brokerage (a powerful brand), you’ll find it a lot easier to make money. Potential traders respond to branding in the same way that all consumers respond to branding. The more selling points a brokerage has, the easier and more effective your campaigns will be.

Online Broker Affiliate Checklist

  • Regulated in several jurisdictions worldwide
  • Multilingual site with traders in several countries
  • Well-established (at least ten years in operation)
  • Choice of trading platforms, with MT4 and social trading
  • Large selection of assets, including stocks, forex, cryptos, etc.
  • Free demo account for traders and an education center
  • A wide choice of payment methods with major credit cards

AvaTrade is one of the few online brokers that meet all these criteria and has strong liquidity and a good reputation among traders and across the broader financial services industry.

Affiliate Partner Checklist

Once you’re sure that you have a top-tier online brokerage to promote, you need to check out the partner program.

  • Offers a choice of CPA, Dynamic CPA, RevShare, and Master Affiliate deals
  • Welcomes different types of online and offline affiliates with tailored plans
  • Has a reputation for honesty, efficiency, and high commissions
  • Allows affiliate partners to renegotiate their commission plans
  • Provides free, high-converting marketing materials

AvaPartner is one of the world’s leading partner programs and offers lifelong partnerships to its affiliates. If you’re skeptical about actually earning high commissions as an affiliate, it’s worth remembering that AvaPartner has paid over $250 million to its partners.


Should I promote stocks in 2022?

If your traffic is interested in stocks, you should promote them this year. However, it’s important not to develop tunnel vision when you’re an affiliate and only focus on a single asset. CFD indices perform like stocks (indices are drawn from the stock markets). Stock traders may also be interested in bonds, ETFs and options. Traders interested in volatile stocks and who respond to major news events may also be receptive to cryptos. There are loads of assets to choose from. Follow the financial news, look for marketing opportunities, and launch compelling creatives. The golden rule of affiliate marketing is to know your traffic and optimize your campaigns.

What is an affiliate program dashboard?

When you sign up with a partner program like AvaPartner, the focus is on results. Your goal is to earn high profits, and you need to analyze how your marketing effort is performing. You’ll have a secure personal affiliate account at the partner program that you can access. Your dashboard is an onscreen account that allows you to check and track your referred clients and their trading volume – and calculate your commissions. You can also track your clicks and impressions, ad performance, and other info. A good affiliate dashboard gives you the hard data you need to optimize and adjust your marketing efforts and achieve your financial goals.

What are CFD Stocks – Should I promote them?

When you work with a trading affiliate program, you need to be crystal clear about the difference between CFDs (contracts for difference) and stocks (also called shares). A CFD is a form of trade and convenient for online traders to try and profit from the stock market without actually buying stocks. When people refer to “CFD stocks”, they mean CFD trades on stocks. Traders can use an online trading platform to open CFD positions on stocks like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Twitter, or Tesla and hope to profit from the difference between a successful trade’s opening and closing price. Good educational content that explains how to open CFD trades can be an excellent incentive for conversions.

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