September 13, 2021

When is the Best Time to Promote Cryptos?

When is the Best Time to Promote Cryptos?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are highly volatile assets. The simple definition of volatility is that both can dramatically increase or decrease in value within a short period. Many trading affiliates interested in promoting these exciting assets want to know when is the best time to do so. The simple answer is “Right now”. We’ll take a closer look and explain precisely why the present time is the best time to become a crypto affiliate partner. 

On the 10th of May, 2021, Bitcoin BTC was trading at $58,862. By the 18th of May, it was trading at $33,681. 

After a few days of decline, the digital currency dropped an astonishing 25% in value in just 24 hours. For any other asset, this might have been an event of historical proportions. If the US dollar fell 25% in a day, there would be a crisis of confidence with the possibility of severe economic consequences. Bitcoin, however, is different. 

Bitcoin is a relatively new asset that doesn’t exactly play to market rules. It follows the basic rules of supply and demand, i.e. if more people want to buy BTC, the price goes up. Conversely, if fewer people want to own BTC – the price falls. Beyond that, Bitcoin is sailing through uncharted waters, and there is much speculation about its future potential. It’s an asset that thrives on hype, rumour and news stories. 

When digital currencies go haywire – in any direction – they generate media headlines. The more people are talking about them, the more exposure they have. These news stories create potential traders who want their piece of the digital trading action. Many potential traders will be swayed by the fact that BTC is suddenly 25% cheaper and may regain – or surpass – its original value within a short time. That’s a powerful message that you can push as a crypto affiliate partner

How to promote Bitcoin as an affiliate

Even if the price of Bitcoin is in freefall, there are plenty of opportunities for affiliate partners to promote a strong broker affiliate program. Your first goal is to find the right trading affiliate program for your affiliate business. Fortunately, finding the right affiliate program doesn’t have to be a challenge. Although hundreds, even thousands, of online brokers compete for affiliate partners, most of them are unregulated, and you can immediately discount them. 

Unregulated CFD brokers are the cowboys of the online trading world. Some of them are ripoffs operated by organised crime gangs. Others are semi-legitimate enterprises that work in a grey area and generally aim to deprive their clients of the most significant amount of money in the shortest possible time. Moral considerations aside, there are two practical reasons why you should never become an affiliate partner with an unregulated broker. 

  • If a broker is happy to rip off its clients, they’ll have no scruples about skimming your payments – or even not paying you at all. You’re not a valued affiliate partner – you’re just another sucker.
  • Clients at unregulated brokers have a short life cycle – They deposit; they lose money; they close their accounts. Lucrative long term RevShare or hybrid deals based on high-value clients who trade for years are a non-starter. 

Suppose you want to be a successful crypto affiliate partner. It would be best to find a regulated broker with an established business and excellent online reputation in that case. The brokerage should also be a powerful brand that converts traffic. A good selection of branded trading platforms like MT4 or MT5 is also a strong selling point for generating good leads. 

The advantages of promoting a regulated CFD broker

There are several advantages to promoting a solid regulated broker, mainly if your target traffic is crypto traders. Apart from the fact that it’s always good to work with pros, regulated brokers are strategic thinkers. They have a long term business model and understand both their products and their markets. These guys understand the volatile cryptocurrency markets and will help you to promote them effectively. 

  • Trading platforms – Crypto traders like high tech gadgets and tools, They expect to find the latest trading platforms packed with charts, data, live feeds, heat maps and trading tools. Trading platforms are a valuable source of content for your websites, blogs and creatives. 
  • Marketing materials – Cryptos are always in the news. They attract commentary and interest from influential celebrities and financial figures. For example, Elon Musk’s announcement that he would no longer accept BTC as payment due to its links to fossil fuels helped cause its May 2021 plunge in value. A good affiliate program will keep you up to date with relevant and effective marketing materials that capitalise on news events and market movements. 
  • Promotions and offers – The best brokers will quickly mark holidays and special events on the economic calendar with promotions. They may also offer special deals, tighter spreads or other benefits to traders. When these are backed up with suitable marketing materials like banners and LPs, they can be a great conversion tool.
  • Payments and deals – Regulated brokers place a high value on good affiliate partners. They want to keep them happy and keep them motivated. You should expect a personal commission plan with high payments and an individual dashboard to track every aspect of your operations; clicks, impressions and revenues. Your commissions you will be paid in full on the agreed date.

How to promote cryptos as an AvaPartner affiliate

AvaTrade is an established and highly respected online CFD broker. They spent years developing a solid reputation among traders and operate with a high volume of liquidity. The brokerage is fully regulated in the UK, EU and across the world’s major financial jurisdictions. AvaTrade was one of the first brokers to add the new cryptocurrencies to its platforms while offering leveraged CFD trading on all the best-known cryptos. It’s also quick to add new assets whenever there is a successful new coin offering. 

You can promote AvaTrade via its successful affiliate program AvaPartner. The program caters to 14 different languages and is keen to build long term partnerships with the right affiliates. You don’t need a big affiliate business to sign up because they are more interested in your future potential. There are several advantages to a partnership with AvaPartner:

  • You are promoting a successful brand, established in 2006 and a cryptocurrency pioneer.
  • AvaTrade has nine proven trading platforms, including MT4 and MT5. These are powerful brands in their own right.
  • AvaTrade is regulated by seven authorities across six continents, giving it a truly global presence.
  • AvaPartner has years of experience and expertise and retains a core of satisfied affiliate partners who’ve been with the program for years.
  • AvaPartner is keen to create personal commission plans with a choice of CPA, RevShare, Hybrid, Introducing Broker, and Master Affiliate options. There are also opportunities for offline affiliates. 

As an AvaPartner affiliate, you’ll have access to top-quality marketing materials. These capitalise on the latest developments in the volatile crypto markets and the lucrative forex, stock, commodity, bond, and EFT markets. AvaTrade offers thousands of assets with real-time pricing, making it one of the most straightforward brokers to promote! 


  • Is it safe to promote cryptos?

    Yes, there is no risk to you as an affiliate partner if you promote highly volatile assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These popular assets often attract aggressive, high volume traders. Converting leads can yield high commissions as part of a RevShare or hybrid deal. Any risk is to the trader not the affiliate partner. Cryptocurrency traders (like forex traders) are usually willing to accept high risk levels in the hope of making high profits in a short time frame.

  • How do I promote Bitcoin as an affiliate?

    The best way to promote Bitcoin (BTC) as an affiliate is to join a reputable affiliate partner program like AvaPartner. The partner program will advise you and provide you with effective marketing materials. It’s then simply a case of optimising your website to attract potential Bitcoin traders. You can also multiply your marketing efforts across social media platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You’ll need to follow Bitcoin in the media and update all your online resources to exploit the latest financial news and the market performance of cryptocurrencies.

  • Do I need to promote a regulated broker?

    Yes, it’s extremely important to promote regulated brokers! They are interested in building long term partnerships – both with their traders and their affiliates. Regulated brokers run honest businesses and work hard to keep everybody happy. They are the only brokers that attract experienced traders and are far more likely to offer you a personalised commission plan that allows you to earn high profits over a trader’s lifetime. Unregulated brokers usually struggle to deliver more than basic CPA deals, mainly because their traders quickly leave.