October 11, 2021

The Secrets to Forex Marketing 2021

The Secrets to Forex Marketing 2021

Forex marketing is one of the best ways for an ambitious self-starter to earn a high income in a short time. The potential rewards of forex marketing are enormous, but you do need to follow some basic rules. We’ll explain the core principles below and some of the less well-known secrets to forex marketing. Suppose you can integrate these rules into your broader business strategy and initial marketing campaigns. In that case, you’ll be able to aim for a six-figure monthly income!

The Basic Rules of Forex Marketing

Before you consider your marketing strategies, you need to find the right forex partners. This means signing up with a professional and well-respected partner program that represents a regulated forex brokerage. This is a non-negotiable starting point. Suppose you work with unregulated brokers or inexperienced partner programs. In that case, you are setting yourself up for failure before you even begin. When you work with the pros, you’re already on the fast track to high commissions and even more lucrative affiliate opportunities in the future. 

  • Regulated brokers have high liquidity and relative stability. This allows you to move forward, knowing that you’re building a lifelong partnership with an industry leader.
  • Regulated brokerages attract high volume, long-term traders. With a negotiated hybrid deal, your potential commissions are exponentially higher. 
  • Top brokerages invest in prestigious technology and offer the latest assets and financial instruments. You will have many more marketing opportunities and will find it easier to drive traffic. 

Partner programs like AvaPartner are hugely popular and well respected for a good reason. They consistently reward their affiliate partners with the highest commissions – a total of $250,000,000 to date. They also offer flexible deals and work closely with their affiliate partners to help them achieve their full potential. 

The Secrets to Forex Marketing in 2021

The forex marketing business can be highly competitive. Still, it doesn’t take much to put yourself several steps ahead of your competitors. You don’t need a huge budget to get ahead, nor do you need to work a 16 hour day. The key to building a profitable forex affiliate business and earning consistently high commissions is to plan intelligently. The quality and breadth of your marketing strategy will allow you to grow and claim an even more significant share of the best quality forex traffic. 

How to Create a Profitable Forex Marketing Strategy

The first rule of creating a profitable forex marketing strategy is knowing your broker and your traffic. When you clearly understand both, you can identify where to focus your efforts and tailor your marketing materials and creatives.

Social Media

Social media could have been invented for forex marketing. It’s a fantastic way to reach a broad audience and offer them high-quality links. At a minimum, you need to be active on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and YouTube. There is no reason why you can’t open multiple accounts on each channel and cross-post and interlink to create your networks. Always aim to check and update each account regularly. Schedule a monthly list of fresh, high-quality creatives and be ready to post unscheduled ones whenever there is market news or you see an opportunity. Use social media as a funnel to bring people to your blog posts, articles, webinars and other resources. Respond quickly to comments and be active on other people’s pages, groups and profiles. 

Paid Advertising

There’s no need to rush into paid advertising. Boosting Facebook posts is an excellent way to start. Set a small budget and analyze your results. There is a lot of trial and error involved, and you need to be clear about your goals. The same principles apply to Google Ads; take your time and start small; you may want to hire an expert once you understand the basics (and won’t be easily fooled). Like many aspects of forex marketing, paid advertising works best when you have something attractive to offer your target audience. You need to immediately persuade people that they will directly benefit by clicking on the link. Online courses, one on one tutorials and free eBooks are good bait. 


Well written articles optimized for SEO are an excellent forex marketing tool. Don’t make the mistake of focusing entirely on your blog or website. Get your articles published wherever you can. There are loads of webmasters and site owners who are keen to get free content. If the content contains your links (be subtle about how you place them), it’s a win/win relationship. The additional benefit is that if your website has plenty of good quality outlines, your own Google rankings can improve. Use your imagination when you plan articles. You’re not limited to forex; there is plenty of demand for content about how to earn a second income, how to achieve financial independence and testimonial stories from people who made money. 

Lead Generation

Use your website as a lead generation tool. This means creating content and resources that will attract potential traders. Usually, they will come to your website searching for specific information, news and analysis, or learning tools. Videos, webinars, eBooks, newsfeeds, a daily market roundup, white papers, a weekly financial calendar, trading tutorials are all worth exploring… Once you understand your site traffic and target audience, you’re only really limited by your own imagination. You can also create contests to promote your resources. These are a great way to channel traffic from social media. Don’t be afraid to check out what other people are doing, and look outside the niche area of forex marketing too. 

Promote your Broker

It might seem like stating the obvious, but forex marketers sometimes neglect their single best asset – their forex partner brokerage! If you’re promoting AvaTrade, you can focus on their nine trading platforms, including the massively popular MT4 and MT5 platforms, as well as AvaSocial and AvaOptions. Each platform is a powerful brand in its own right. You can generate a wealth of good promotional material, reviews, articles, and creatives. Traders also want to know about regulation, site security and broker honesty. Get the reviews out there and push the regulation aspect as hard as you possibly can (nine financial authorities around the world regulate AvaTrade). It would help if you also were promoting the actual financial instruments aggressively. Cryptocurrencies, options, new coin offerings and IPOs are significant for clickbait and will drive site traffic. A forex partner program like AvaPartner will keep you up to date with broker news. It will supply you with original marketing materials. 

  • Where can I learn forex marketing?

    If you read this blog post carefully, you have already started to learn forex marketing. Before you do anything else, we recommend that you talk to AvaPartner about how to build your forex affiliate business. They have tremendous practical experience and have worked with thousands of successful affiliates over the years. It would be best if you also understood that online marketing is constantly evolving. The best marketers embrace a process of continual learning. You can get started here and here or check out online courses with providers like Udemy. Most people learn forex marketing through experimentation and copying. There is nothing inherently complicated about it.

  • Can I begin forex marketing without a budget?

    You will need to have some budget to begin forex marketing, but you don’t need much money. Assuming that you’re an online affiliate, you’ll need to create or maintain an existing website. That can be done cheaply but will incur some expenses. If you’ve got some basic skills, you can write your own content and optimize it for SEO. You can also design your own creatives for social media. If you don’t have a budget for Google Ads, don’t worry about it, to begin with. Consider offering webinars, trading tutorials or online courses instead. As soon as you earn your first commissions, you can allocate a budget to advertising and more sophisticated forex marketing.

  • What are the shortcuts to forex marketing?

    There aren’t many shortcuts to forex marketing to earn top dollar as a forex affiliate. The good news is that you don’t need any. If you follow the basic rules, you’ll see fast results. With a bit of experience, you’ll find the right personal balance between time and resources invested and profits made. The more campaigns you run, the more efficient you will become. One definite shortcut for experienced forex marketers is to delegate tasks to others. Hire a good content writer, a Google Ads expert and a freelance graphic designer etc. You can recoup the initial expense many times over as your profits increase.