March 30, 2022

Forex Tips: How to Leverage TikTok in 2022?

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If you want to make high profits as a broker affiliate partner in 2022, you will need to focus on your forex marketing and social media campaigns. Most successful forex affiliates are already familiar with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Far fewer broker affiliates are running campaigns on TikTok, and the potential of the video platform isn’t well understood in the forex affiliate industry. Read on and we will explain why this is a vital tool and how to leverage it as part of your forex marketing.

We’ll give a basic overview of TikTok, including how the platform works, who uses it, and how to create low-cost marketing strategies that deliver a high ROI. There’s a clear opportunity to reach a new generation of potential online traders via TikTok. Still, you will need to invest some time in learning how to leverage TikTok. 

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a Chinese social networking service that focuses almost entirely on user-generated videos. The videos are short – generally 15 seconds in length. Younger users initially dominated TikTok (many in their teens), and most uploaded videos featured music, dancing, pranks, and lip-sync clips. Successful TikTok users aim to launch viral content and attract followers. TikTok celebrity Charli D’Amelio has over 70 million followers. 

Why is TikTok Relevant to Broker Affiliates?

TikTok experienced rapid growth over the last couple of years and attracted a more diverse audience. It’s also becoming a lucrative social environment for influencer marketing. An increasing number of businesses are advertising directly on TikTok. 

  • TikTok is available in over 150 countries
  • TikTok claims over 1 billion users
  • In the US, almost 40% of new users are over 30

TikTok was one of the success stories of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company grew exponentially, along with Zoom and Peacock. TikTok is now so popular that it’s approaching Facebook-owned brands like Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger in size and is perceived as a threat to YouTube. 

How to Leverage TikTok in 2022 as part of your your forex marketing plan?

One must continually work on improving their forex marketing and staying abreast with the latest social media platforms in order to increase commissions. This is where Tik Tok comes in, and the best way to leverage TikTok is to begin by installing the app and exploring the platform. TikTok is different from other social media channels. You need to experience the vibe and get insights into the online culture and user expectations. The biggest culture shock will probably be the brevity of the film clips. Although it’s possible to add clips together, you have an incredibly short window of opportunity to get your message across. TikTok is not YouTube – forget about high converting trading tutorials that run for 20 minutes a lesson!

TikTok videos gain over 17 billion views per month, but it’s all about soundbites and ‘visual snacks’. Your content will need to be visually stimulating, compelling and accessible to an audience that has an incredibly short attention span. You’ll also need to stand out from the mass of other content. If you’re to stand any chance of going viral, you’ll need to understand the audience’s mood, expectations, and current TikTok trends. 

How does TikTok Work?

The TikTok app comes with a tool for creating short videos. The emphasis is on creative editing with sound effects, different film speeds, augmented reality features and animations. Once you’re done, you can upload the video with a choice of trending hashtags and a preview ‘cover’. The hashtags and the cover are vital for attracting initial views. You can also share your videos across other social media platforms and recommend the clips to other people. 

You need to add three types of hashtags to your TikTok videos. 

  1. Trending hashtags
  2. General hashtags
  3. Business-specific hashtags. 

For example: #AvaTrade #Bitcoin #Regulatedonlinebroker #Tradecryptos 

Pay attention to the hashtags that other content creators are using, check your “For You” Page, use an online TikTok hashtag generator, and stay on top of your SEO. If you understand how SEO can boost your forex affiliate traffic, you’ll find it easier to write effective hashtags.

Typing some broad keywords into the TikTok search tool will generate possible hashtags. It’s also essential to write a description for each video. You only have a combined total of 100 words, so three hashtags per clip are usually enough. 

Overall, TikTok software is excellent for producing fun 9-15 second video clips. It’s simple to use and gives content creators plenty of options for individuality and creativity.  Suppose you’re just uploading a few pins to amuse your friends. If you’re planning a marketing campaign and need to promote marketing content virally, TikTok becomes a bit more complicated. However it still should be considered as part of your forex marketing plan.

Promoting Your Forex Content on TikTok

When you promote your Forex content on TikTok, you need to understand how the TikTok algorithm works. The algorithm ‘rewards’ videos that users watch. If users watch videos to the end, they’ll appear across more feeds. Users will also be offered videos that match their previous engagement – likes, shares, searches, etc. 

You make the TikTok algorithm work for you; you need engaging, relevant content that will generate positive user engagement. The more views, likes and shares your video gets, the more exposure it will receive. There’s a definite element of clickbait involved in creating viral TikTok videos. You will need to package your message to resonate with TikTok users. Promoting Cryptos like Bitcoin are an excellent asset to promote on TikTok in 2022. Commodities like Gold and Coffee also have a lot of marketing potential. 

  • Be relevant – exploit breaking news and latch onto new trends whenever you see a story that might grow.
  • Be prolific – TikTok users expect to see more videos than other social media. That ideally means posting several times a day.
  • Be interesting – you need a charismatic and compelling brand. Communicate clearly and directly, and keep it fun!

Use TikTok Ads for Forex Marketing

If you’re not keen on creating viral TikTok videos, a potentially profitable Forex marketing strategy is to create TikTok ads. The main advantages are that campaigns can be launched relatively cheaply, and you don’t need to build up a TikTok following to reach your target audience. You can also get TikTok ads live quickly – 24 hours is usually realistic. 

As a forex affiliate or broker affiliate, we recommend starting with in-feed ads. They are the first choice for small businesses and give you budget access to target traffic. The first step is to open a TikTok Ad Account. There’s a basic signup process, and then your application will be reviewed by TikTok. 

As soon as you have approval, you’ll be able to create in-feed ads. You should follow the basic principles for creating TikTok videos and keep the ads between 9-15 seconds – which is plenty for promoting an online broker. You can also post ads back to back, up to 60 seconds. 

If you’re launching a marketing campaign on TikTok using paid advertising, start small, review and optimize your campaigns. There will inevitably be a process of trial and error involved, but the results can be excellent.

  1. Be clear about your Appropriate Advertising Target
  2. Choose between Interest Targeting and Behavioral Targeting
  3. Explore Tiktok’s Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience Targeting. 

If you understand how to leverage TikTok in 2022, you can add another potentially profitable dimension to your social media marketing campaigns. TikTok is still a new marketing territory for forex affiliates, but it will pay to be a pioneer! 


Can I promote AvaTrade on TikTok?

Yes! You can promote AvaTrade on TikTok. All you need to do is follow the AvaPartner rules and guidelines for Affiliate Partners. AvaTrade is one of the best online brokers to promote on a modern high energy video sharing platform like TikTok. You can easily promote AvaTrade’s fantastic technology and trading platforms and big-name assets like Bitcoin, Gold and Oil, which will dominate the markets in 2022.

Is TikTok Secure for Forex Affiliate Marketing?

TikTok is generally a secure platform for forex affiliate marketing. TikTok is a Chinese owned social media platform, and there have been security concerns. Countries like India have banned the TikTok app. Many US and EU businesses are advertising and running marketing campaigns on TikTok and haven’t reported any problems. Use your common sense and be careful with your data, as with any online venture.

Should I Pay a Freelancer to Handle my TikTok Campaigns?

If you have a reliable freelancer (who’s a genuine TikTok enthusiast), it can be a good move to let them handle all your affiliate marketing on TikTok. It would help if you had a certain mindset to create viral TikTok videos (and in-feed ads). If you’re trying to develop a following for your videos, you need to upload a lot of content. Having a dedicated TikToker can make sense. We recommend that you explore TikTok and familiarize yourself with the whole TikTok culture before hiring a TikTok content creator and influencer.

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