September 13, 2021

4 SEO Tips for Forex & Broker Affiliate Success in 2021

Affiliate marketing is highly profitable, particularly in the CFD and Forex niche. Before you can bring new referrals and clients to a broker, they have to reach your affiliate site and click on your affiliate links. You can construct a flawless website, build an impressive social media presence, and post engaging content, but if search engines do not bring you visitors or TRAFFIC, you are back at square one. 

This is where SEO comes in! Using SEO and incorporating it into your marketing strategy is essential, and the key to your forex and broker affiliate success. 

The following are expert SEO tips from our affiliate team that will help you refine your affiliate marketing strategy and increase traffic to your affiliate website and links.

Tip #1 Refining SEO Strategy

SEO is always evolving. When the internet was relatively new, search terms were simple and consisted of a word or two. Now you have long-tail keywords that you should target and incorporate in your SEO strategy plan. 

Driving traffic is necessary to successfully refer people to your brokerage. This means putting yourself in the shoes of the person typing a search term.

Is someone more likely to find the brokerage you are promoting based on certain search terms? This is why keywords have to be highly focused on your particular niche, especially the Forex and CFD niche.  

What qualities does the brokerage have that can be worked into keyword terms? Do they have original apps? How regulated are they? These questions, along with your keyword research and analysis, should influence an affiliate marketing SEO strategy. 

Tip #2 Explore and Uncover the Right Keywords

Every marketer understands the importance of keywords. However, if traffic isn’t increasing to your affiliate site or affiliate links, it may be time to rethink your keyword research methods or try new SEO tools that can help you explore and uncover new keywords to target.

If you haven’t fully used free Google tools available, such as Google Keyword Planner, it is a good idea to give it a try. There are many paid services and tools that can also make keyword research easier and uncover the best ones for this niche, such as Semrush and Ahrefs

Find the “Low Hanging Fruit”

When selecting keywords from research results, consider using a keyword that provides decent monthly volume and low competition. The key is to find the “low-hanging fruit” that have high volume and low competition. These type of long-tail keywords are easy to target and can provide you with quick wins- in other words, increased traffic thus increasing your conversions!

Bear in mind the User Intent!

Once you have decided what keywords you want to target, its time to test them. Tools may be able to research and create results for a large number of keywords, but as an affiliate marketer, you have a clearer idea of what potential referrals or clients are searching for. This is where the user intent is important and needs to be taken into consideration. Tools can give you great ideas but always think about the user intent-what search terms (keywords) your referral would use in the search engines. These tools can help facilitate the initial research, but the proof in the pudding is the testing and keeping in mind who you are targeting and what are the challenges of that specific audience you are trying to target. 

Which keywords should you use?

When typing in some keywords into your keyword tools, you will quickly be able to see which keywords have value and which do not. Even though a certain keyword was designated as popular, it may be an industry generalization and may not zero in on what your potential clients want. Again, pay attention to monthly traffic and low competition. Check out your competitor’s keywords as well; what keywords are they using? Ask yourself, is it worth also trying to target those? Perhaps you’ll be able to discover some hidden gem-keywords that are easy to target and rank on the first page of Google that will bring you lots of targeted, high-quality traffic!

For instance, “CFD broker” is too general but “forex CFD regulated broker” may be a better match for the broker you are promoting and for the referrals and the clients who are likely to sign up.


There is a common misconception that a successful affiliate marketer must use the most popular keywords that will provide the most volume. Of course, there may be a connection between the volume of searches and actual clicks on a website, but there is no guarantee that this volume will translate into conversions. 

The best approach is a balance between applying popular and broader keywords and more descriptive, secondary keywords-which are your long-tail keywords. 

Tip # 3 Link Building Methods

Incorporating useful links into your content establishes your authority. Search engines rank web pages based on the quality of links, so adding the right links can raise the authority of your affiliate site and boost your rankings on the SERPs.

Links are also an essential part of SEO for broker and forex affiliate success because they can effectively introduce the broker and partner through links that will provide more information. External links to non-competitor high-quality websites will improve search engine rankings. 

It is important not to be overly aggressive, however, with link building strategies. For the past few years, Google has cracked down on websites that use dodgy link building methods such as submitting a site to directories and getting a link in return, or paying just to get a link.

There is a hierarchy of links that every affiliate marketer should be aware of. The Holy Grail of links is the editorial links. These are spontaneous links to your site from other sites that occur as the result of other people considering your content valuable. 

Editorial links are usually earned by having exceptional content that provides value and can boost your search engine rankings providing visibility to your content and brand. Editorial links usually do not happen by chance or overnight, but they are the goal. 

Guest blogging is a smart strategy for expanding your reach and can attract new audiences to your affiliate links. Given the popularity of this method, site owners and bloggers are increasingly selective about who they allow to guest blog and are alert to those who blog merely to boost their linking strategy. Make sure only to guest post on websites or blogs that have high domain authority, of at least 35 or higher. Stay away from spammy link building methods or paying for guest posts on websites that do not have real traffic!

Tip #4 Optimize your Content!

Optimizing content is not just about finding the right keywords and using them in your pages and blog posts, but determining where they should be positioned in the text, where and how links should be placed. Incorporating keywords into the title tag, short meta descriptions, and using Headings and tags are all necessary when as part of optimizing your pages and content which can definitely increase traffic. This is due to the fact that when pages are optimized, Google will rank the page well for the keywords you are trying to target. And your meta description will show up on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) which will help lure in quality traffic. 

Optimization is an ongoing process and continues even after the initial content is created. Make sure to keep updating articles and blogs with new keywords, tags, titles, and meta descriptions periodically. Also, include images, videos, and other items and give them Alt tags that highlight keywords.

Successful SEO for CFD and Forex Broker Affiliates

Traffic is the key to affiliate marketing success for broker affiliates, but not all traffic is created equal. Honing keyword and link building strategies, and optimizing your content is the best way to attract the kind of traffic that will translate into more conversions. 

AvaPartner offers its affiliates the best tools and promotional materials to help you achieve forex and broker affiliate success. We will help you every step of the way. Start now.